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9/21/11 2:25:08PM
Hey guys, just popping in to play around with the picks.

I also run a website that interviews Ammy/Pro fighters on the come up, which with proper 'rights' to do so...I will post the interviews in the forums section, otherwords, no serious self-promotions.

My goal is to SUPPORT the growth of MMA, from the grassroots of up and comers. Learn the man/woman behind the gloves, rather than JUST the fighter.

I hope you enjoy, and I'll be chiming in on discussions as well!!

Glad to be here!
9/21/11 5:06:20PM
Welcome. Sounds pretty awesome. Glad to have yah.
9/21/11 5:09:31PM
his links got deleted. must've broke the site rules w/out reading them first
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