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10/30/07 3:05:15PM

Posted by richieb19
That fight shouldn't have been a draw, Shamrock completely worked over Gracie. In fact, his plan was (as boring as it sounds) to exhaust Gracie for 2+ hours. There was not supposed to be a time limit, but 31:01 minutes in they changed their minds. Gracie was a mess agter the fight and wasn't even able to stand on his own. Shamrock won.

Although, I have always thought very highly of the Gracies..... that was in fact some major bs. I can guarantee if Royce had been winning the fight, it would have never been considered a draw like that.
10/30/07 4:04:00PM
First I have to say, props to Richie for bringing up the Petey Williams high kick...

With that being said... The biggest upset in the UFC was BJ Penn's 1st rd choke out of Matt Huges... Plain and simple... At that point in Matt's career, not only was he considered unbeatable, top of the food chain, etc... Just like GSP... But he was a proven champion (Serra was GSP's 1st title defense)... The kicker... BJ moved up from LW for the fight...
10/30/07 11:39:41PM
royce winning the first UFC

hands down the biggest upset
10/31/07 10:56:53AM
I think Serra over GSP was the biggest recent upset.

However, I will argue that Kimo vs Royce was a huge upset even though Royce didn't technically lose that fight.

There are a number of upsets in sports history and determining which one is the greatest will always be subjective unless you use betting odds as an objective way to determine the upset.
10/31/07 1:55:59PM
David Terrell Over Matt Lindland
10/31/07 9:53:17PM
GSP vs Serra was the biggest upset because Serra didnt deserve a shot in the first place and got lucky.
11/2/07 11:28:41PM
1. penn over hughes was big but not that big penn was that guy wit the potintial waiting to be let out and that nigth he let it out biggest is Serra st pierre cuz look at the fight b4 tht for each of them stpierre destoryed hughes ... and serra squeaked by over chris lytle ... not a guy u should squak by ... and lauzon pulver is huge ... but yea ... i chose gonzaga to upset cro cop i have no love for these pride guys horribley overrated ... except rampage hes the man
11/6/07 3:59:54PM
Cro Cop getting KO'd in the fashion he did silenced me. I couldnt believe it. It was one of MMA's worst upsets to me. Cro Cop was my favorite fighter and the way that went down was unbelievable...
11/7/07 3:48:23AM
I have to do with Lauzon over Pulver. I had never even heard of lauzon until the fight was signed.While I was stunned by Serra's upset of GSP, at least I thought him a good fighter with a 10% chance of an upset. However if you had asked me how Serra would beat GSP before the fight my answer would have probably been by injury or cut. While I didn't expect Kongo to beat Mirko( especially after Cro-cop dominated the 1rst round) he was at least a talented kickboxer in a standup fight. I know Kongo caused the broken rib, but I still beleive if the that didn't happen , or the 1rst was a little longer Cro-cop wins. I beleive if that fight took place in Japan under Pride rules Mirko would have Koed him in the first. The ring is smaller , so he couldn't run as much as he did. Also, I firmly believe Prides 10 minute 1rdt round would have seen Kongo pummeled. So in the end, I still say Pulver/Lauzon.
11/7/07 7:42:24AM
gsp getting beat by serra
11/7/07 7:44:01AM
I'd say forrest beating shogun is the biggest. I mean you have the #1 LHW in the world coming in with all the hype surrounding him, and he gets tapped out by a guy who is usually known for his 3 round slugfests.
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