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Fanboy 1988
5/21/07 11:09:27AM
Bas would be high up on my list.. Probably one of the most complete fighters for his time........
5/21/07 12:52:41PM
all are great fighters but who can concentrate with that great pic of vida
5/21/07 1:56:03PM
Ortiz.... i think most of u wont agree with tito, but i thought in his prime he was unstoppable
5/21/07 3:26:10PM

5/21/07 7:11:59PM
IMO a fighter has to be retired or near retired, to be considered the GOAT. Fedor is the hot pic right now, but lets sit back and watch the rest of his career before we label him the GOAT (i know people are going to yell blasphemy).

IMO the fighters to consider for GOAT

1-Sakuraba- (i know not retired but his glory days are done) The guy consistently fought and beat much bigger fighters. SAkuraba single handedly demolished the Gracie reputation for being the unbeatable gods of mma. Combined some of the best submission wrestling skills with unorthodox striking.

2-Frank Shamrock- The most dominant champion of his time mixed great submission wrestling, good kickboxing skills and insane conditioning. Frank cut his career short, and his present fights are hurting his reputation. But still has to be cosidered one of the most dominant athletes the sport has seen.

3-Bas Rutten- The first dominant striker in MMA, brought world class kickboxing skills to the table along with good submissions. The knock on Bas's legacy is "how many true mma fights did he fight?" Many people consider pancracse mma light. Bas was a UFC champion but was not overly impressive during his reign. Submission losses to Ken Shamrock are also arguments against his legitimacy as the GOAT.

4)Royce Gracie- The man who started it all, was the best of the single style era of fighters and dominated and revolutionized the sport. Many feel that Royce did not face the competition to truly be considered the GOAT, but does have submission victories over top fighters of the time, shamrock and severn despite great size disadvantages.

5) Ken Shamrock- The man who brought MMA mainstream exposure, and he could fight too. Shamrock is often judged by his post WWE period fights, but lets remember this was the first king of pancrase, and first ufc heavweight champion (super fight belt became hw title). Shamrock in his prime mixed excellent submission skills, wrestling, and conditioning in his prime. Knocks on ken are no ufc tournament wins, submissions to royce gracie, and lackluster fight against severn. Was the pfp top fighter in the world from the point of shamrock gracie 2- shamrock severn 2.

6) Randy Couture (also not retired but almost)- Maybe not the GOAT but the most accomplished of all time, 2x LHW champion, 3x HW champion has consistently fought and beaten the whose who of mixed martial arts. Perhaps the smartest man to ever set food in the octagon randy seems to always have the right game plane to beat younger faster and stronger fighters.


Fedor-Considered by many to be the top fighter in MMA has a well rounded game of wrestling submissions and unorthodox striking. Critics will mention that he has not fought a top 10 fighter since mirko cro cop. Lets hold off on GOAT for another 2-3 years wait for Fedor to matchup with the other tops 10's and then break out the champagne.

Liddell-Considered the most feared fighter in MMA right now liddell has been on a tear (7kos i believe). Has fought a whose who list of mma fighters. Critics will talk about the rampage jackson loss, however a rematch win and possible future heavweight title shot, could catapult lidell from the most feared fighter today to the GOAT.


And right now i would consider the GOAT to be Sakuraba.
5/21/07 7:16:38PM

Posted by roadking95th

I think when compiling G.O.A.T. lists, one can not compare fighters from different eras. One can only look at how dominate a fighter was during his time. All sports evolve through better strength, conditioning, nutrition, and technique. My list, in no particular order would include: Bas, Royce, Sakuraba, Fedor, Hughes, and the Shamrocks.

I agree how dominant they were, not head to head matchups.
7/19/07 4:41:16PM
Off the top of my head...

Fedor (his record and the competition he has fought)

Cro Cop (not only for his fighting ability in the ring but what he has done outside of the MMA world. He's on the Croatian Parlimant)

Chuck Liddell (this is the ONLY reason why I put him on this list. Everybody knows who Liddell is, everybody would recognize him out in public, he's pretty much became the face of the MMA world)

The Gracies

Maybe Pat Miltech should be on this list too. Lotta champions come from his camp.
7/19/07 5:27:58PM
Big Nog

7/19/07 6:13:49PM
This man
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7/19/07 8:53:31PM
Fedor shaves his pits! He's a sissy!
7/19/07 9:33:09PM
Liddell and Royce

Maybe Most Overrated Of All time!

Royce barely beat Kimo, what the hell are you blind Gracie fans smoking? And Rickson proved nothing in MMA (this is MMA we are talking about right, not BJJ?).

My vote goes to Sakuraba. The guy would fight anyone and accomplished way more then any Gracie could ever hope to, not to mention being all class.

Bas and Crocop are good candidates also. When Crocop beats Fedor I might have to say he might cut it. Sakuraba would still me "more impressive" just based on the size advantage most of his opponents had.

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