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6/30/12 6:02:24PM
One of the wonderful things about sports, whether it’s a stick and ball sport or a battle waged inside an eight-sided cage is the ability to create and recreate magic – Rematches are the most natural rivalries in sports, whether it’s a blood feud with one seeking revenge or just two good fighters meeting again it’s always a special occasion.

The first rematch in MMA history dates back to April 17, 1995 at UFC 5 when MMA pioneers Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock met in the first non-tournament fight in UFC history and it’s been off to the races ever since.

As I speak we are on the home stretch to one of the most anticipated rematches in this sport’s young history when Anderson Silva puts his UFC middleweight championship on the line against Chael Sonnen.

Silva had built an aura of invincibility around himself in the four years that he had ruled the UFC’s 185-pound division, not since Mike Tyson was cracking skulls in devastating, highlight-reel fashion in the late eighties had a fighter in combat sports been deemed unstoppable to this degree.

After 23 minutes and 10 seconds in the octagon with Sonnen that was shattered – When the opening bell sounded most of the fight community would have expected Sonnen to be caught in the spiders web within the first fifteen minutes, however Sonnen had different ideas.

The NCAA Division I All-American wrestler bettered Anderson Silva even in a standing contest and after securing his take-downs “The Spider” looked like a fish out of water off his back as the Oregon native battered the champ who was unable to improve his position or take this fight back into his wheelhouse on the feet.

20 minutes into their epic encounter and Sonnen had decisively won four-straight rounds and looked as if the middleweight title was as good as his, but one mistake cost him his moment of glory as Silva desperately threw his legs in the air to secure a triangle-armbar, retain his gold and shatter the dreams of Sonnen.

While the two top-ranked middleweights on the planet prepare to meet again after almost a two year gap we will take a look at the best rematches in this sports young history.

6/30/12 6:45:49PM
Come on................... No Fedor vs. Big Nog? Really??Really??

Plus I loved MTB's matches with Faber, but I though Dominick Cruz vs. Joe B rematch was one if the not the best WEC fight ever. I am biased but still such a close fight, and the rivalry between Cruz and Alpha Male.

How bout Cerrone vs. Varner those were ass-kicking fights??

I guess everyone has there own opinions on greatest rematches.
7/1/12 12:58:11PM
meeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Agree with Fedor and Nog needed to be on their. Nog and Herring deserves a place on their. Though it wasn't an amazing fight,Shamrock vs Gracie still holds historical significance.

I didn't see Tito vs Shamrock either. Wasn't that one of the biggest bankable re-matches ever??????

I agree with a small portion of that list but most top 10 MMA list (or any list for that matter) just always seems to underwhelm me.
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