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4/6/07 11:14:39AM

Posted by JimiMak

Rickson Gracie
If we fight for money, I'll stop hitting you when you ask me to. If we fight for pride, I'll stop hitting you when I feel like it.

I like this line.
4/6/07 1:15:04PM
RAMPAGE (before getting owned by Silva for the first time)

"When I playvideo games, i'ma play with the Pride Belt, when I take a shit, i'ma take a shit in the Pride belt"

No Quinton, you're not.
4/6/07 1:16:58PM
We served dat ****, motherfu**en stank ass french mothaf**ka. Dat mothaf**ka smelled like plump ass. Thats why i knocked his ass out so quick, cuz i couldn't stand the mothaf**kin smell. Lil sissy ass motha f**ka, go take a shower you bitch ass mothaf**kin frenchmen." -Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
4/6/07 1:18:47PM
He could have called me gay, he could have called me ugly, he could have said a lot of things and I wouldn’t have minded, but he called me short-and I am short-so I got mad and wanted to make him pay!” -Renzo Gracie
4/6/07 1:19:12PM
If you see someone who you think you can take, but their ears look like anuses, stay the **** away – GlenDanzig
4/6/07 1:19:41PM
All black folks look alike anyway, everybody here (Japan) keep calling me Gary Goodridge anyway ...

LOL... guess who
4/6/07 1:20:05PM
Bas: Quinton, Arona has a black belt in brazilian jui jitsu.

Quinton: Yeah and I am an american black man.
4/6/07 1:20:42PM
Ill eat his children..." - Tyson speaking of Lennox Lewis

Lewis :

"I dont even have kids."
4/6/07 1:22:10PM
ah sorry here's the actual Rampage full quote, i've just found a massive document i saved with quotes so im going to rinse it out.

Rampage before GP-

"when I win the pride belt, I am going to do everything with the pride belt"

"when I am playing video games, I will play with the Pride belt"

"when I am taking a sh*t, I am going take it with the pride belt"

"when I am f*cking, Im gonna f*ck with the pride belt"
4/6/07 1:22:28PM
In a gym you can work on your chest or thigh muscles, but you can't grow your balls. You born with it, or you don't. – Lebanner
4/6/07 1:23:08PM
-"I'm standing here with a man who respects the respect and class of this sport and any sport in general. Quinton, how does it feel to be fighting in Japan?"

Rampage -

"Aww man, I love Japan, but I think you talkin' bout the wrong ************, cuz I'm here to fight!
4/6/07 1:24:22PM
You get drunk and have these ******* Emo kids coming over with multiple pierced ears and labrims and their karebears shirts...they want the cock and you gotta hit em with it. plain and simple-Blake Bowman

Anyone remeber Bowman out of interest?
4/6/07 1:25:44PM
If women knew half as much as they think they know they'd be ******* dangerous
4/6/07 1:26:55PM
"What do you mean why do i think Shamrock can beat you? Hes a world class fighter and you're some Danish buffoon with emotional issues". - J-Garden
4/6/07 1:27:43PM
Always believe in yourself...if you don't, the next time you fight, you will be fighting two people...your opponent, and yourself. - Rickson Gracie
4/6/07 1:28:41PM
Why would I be scared of him? Iv'e been shot, stabbed and molested"- Kevin Randleman comments before UFC 26 on Pedro Rizzo
4/6/07 1:28:58PM
k-1: What is your strategy for the fight?
JLB: The same.. always the same. Big punch..Big blood..Big everything.
Jerome le Banner
4/6/07 1:29:22PM
"all his punches are to the back of my head, I am a professional fighter, I like it..." - Mario Sperry
4/6/07 1:30:06PM

"I just want pussy....why does it have to be so elusive?" -Eddie Bravo
4/6/07 1:30:57PM
Baroni's like that little nugget in the toilet that just won't flush. He keeps popping back up. - gmr7494
4/6/07 1:31:41PM
Done, sorry for pwning the thread guys.
4/6/07 5:25:52PM
"Instead of getting married again... I'm just gonna find a woman I don't like, and give her a house."

Steven Seagal
4/6/07 5:31:24PM
General "Stormin" Norman Schwartzkopf's comment on if there was room for forgivness to the people/countries that harbored and abetted the terrorists who attacked the US on 9/11:

"I believe that forgiving them is God's function. Our job is simply to arrange the meeting."
4/6/07 5:33:35PM
"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training"


Possibly the best embassodor the sport of MMA has ever known
4/8/07 11:45:31PM
New one:

GSP: "if I let my emotions out I will be like... AAAAGGGGGHHHHH"

gotta love gsp quotes.
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