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10/22/08 10:08:42PM

In the year I’ve been writing this site, I’ve watched millions, perhaps billions of MMA videos — everything from fights to highlight reels to documentaries to Chuck Liddell wasted on a morning show. Most of them I’ve forgotten as soon as they were over. Some of them may stay with me forever. The ten videos below represent the best overview of this crazy sport that I can possibly present. And I won’t degrade their brilliance by ranking them. Think of this as my personal mixtape to you…

a good list from with the videos


My favourite from that list is "Sakuraba: Beautiful Day", still get goose pumps every time i watch it.

feel free to add some of your most memorable videos
10/22/08 11:26:57PM
These aren't all MMA, but they are all relevant

Marcelo Garcia HL

Andy Hug HL

Kartwheel KO


To Have Heart

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