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POLL: who is the greatest champion of all time
chuck liddell 13% (7)
Fedor Emelianenko 38% (20)
Dan Henderson 0% (0)
Matt Hughes 28% (15)
Randy couture 15% (8)
other 6% (3)
2/19/08 2:00:07PM
i say either fedor or randy but if i had to choose one i would say randy because i highly doubt fedor can remain champ at 40
2/19/08 2:08:57PM
no question that its couture.

but you can say matt hughes cause he held it for awhile.
2/19/08 2:14:42PM
Tough question to answer. Since you put the word "champion" in the question I think I would disqualfy Henderson right away and Couture right after him as they've won titles but not had great success in defending them once the titles were won. Fedor would be my first choice as he's dominated his division for several years after winning a title. My second choice isn't on your list, which is Wanderlei Silva. His reign on top of the 205 division of Pride is comparable to what Couture and Liddell (my 3rd choice) together did as champions in the UFC during that time.

None of these guys would crack my top 5 (who are all guys on your list), but they have some merit in the way they rose above the competition in their divisiions and established themselves as the top fighter there for considerable periods of time: Masa Funaki and Bas Rutten (Pancrase, briefly in UFC), Rocye Gracie (early UFC), Yamamoto (hasn't even been worth competing at 135 or even 145 because of lack of matchups). Frank Shamrock (outclassed everyone at his weight for a while and then retired from UFC on top) and Mark Coleman who didn't do much as champ but did win the HW belt in both of the largest orgs in MMA (Pride and the UFC).
2/19/08 2:15:01PM
All are great choices that make it pretty difficult to decide... I know there isn't room for all of them...

But Takanori Gomi could easily be on this list... And after a few more fights against top competition I imagine people will be saying that Uriah Faber can be considered one of the best champs around
2/19/08 2:26:44PM
Gomi should be on the list and so should wanderlei. both were very dominant champions in their prime. but since fedor never lost the belt and basically dominated everyone in his division i would vote for him, on the other hand not all his bouts were title defenses and then u have to look at the impressive title defense record of hughes. fedor or hughes IMO
2/19/08 2:30:11PM
Ill go with the guy that has dominated in every title match-up hes ever been in.
2/19/08 2:39:29PM
easy matt hughes
2/19/08 2:42:15PM
Anderson Silva has not lost a title fight and he is a top 3 fighter in the world HANDS DOWN
2/19/08 2:47:31PM
From that list id have an order or


The reason i have dan and randy as the bottom two is becouse, as sombody already stated, neither have a good record of title defences. Hughes and chuck are pretty much on the same level to me. Id also throw wandy in there.
2/19/08 2:53:04PM
Matt Hughes got my vote, although I could probably make a case for a few different guys.

15-4 in the UFC; 9-2 in Welterweight Title Fights, including 7 title defenses

His only 3 losses in the last 6 years (20-3 record over that period) came against two of the Top 5 P4P fighters in the world, according to MMAPlayground's rankings. And let's not forget that he's actually beaten both of those guys, going 2-3 against them over a 4-year period.

And in a sport that values capabilities as much as accomplishments, he's generally regarded as among the strongest and toughest fighters ever.
2/19/08 4:04:07PM
not matt hughes because he fought alot of nobodys no where close to taking his title lost his title twice got a title shot after losing to hallman a second time and he lost a match with charuto but got the nod from the judges sort of like bisping/hamill

randy is arguable but hes been a less than consistant champ, losing the belts on several occasions including recently where he ducked nog, losing to chuck, losing to ricco and losing to barnett but still a great champ getting a UFC belt 5 times

however fedor is the best because hes beating some of the best during his reign as undisputed heavyweight champ, never did he lose one round in any of his fight unless you include kohsaka's illigal elbow that got him the W, i can see how a UFC nuthugger would pick randy or hughes but until fedor is beaten he is the greatest champ MMA that is or will ever be
2/19/08 4:09:44PM
Fedor got my vote, due to his long reign as champ, but I agree with fullerene on the fact that while I love the hell out of Couture and Hendo, but neither reigned as champ for that long only managed to obtain the belt/belts. Hendo a little longer than Couture. So my list based on what they did as champ as in defenses of the belt goes like this.

1. Fedor
2. Hughes
3. Chuck
4. Gomi and Wanderlei
5. A lot of guys a close 5th, Bas, Coleman, Hendo, Couture, and a few others.

As far as the greatest champion for the sport of MMA, I would give that to Randy hands down, everyone loves Couture except for the UFC
2/19/08 4:15:51PM
The original poll needs a revamp for sure.

IMO the options should be


With the obvious ranking being the same order. To post a topic like this and not include Wanderlei is just... nuts.

Chuck had a good title defense run, but honestly Tito's title defenses ran longer. I'm a big fan of Chuck and I hate Tito, but I don't feel like those guys faced dudes near on the level as these others did.

Anybody who says Hughes didn't fight anybody is just a Hughes hater. Plain and simple. He has beaten GSP and Penn. Granted he's also lost to them, but a win is a win, and those two guys are two of the greatest that will ever grace the sport. He made Lytle look like an ass for 5 rounds (although he didn't finish him) and Lytle is honestly no pushover. Back in the day Trigg was thought of as one of the top contenders, and a well rounded one at that. He finished a Gracie JJ master ON the ground. Not to mention the fact that Royce is also one of the greatest to ever grace the octagon. A KO on the feet might not mean shit over Royce, but to finish him on the ground... that's saying something.
2/19/08 4:15:57PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

Anderson Silva has not lost a title fight and he is a top 3 fighter in the world HANDS DOWN

He has only defened against Nathan Marquardt and Rich Franklin. Also beat Lutter but was not a title fight. I think he needs a few more wins to claim to be the greatest champion ever.

I have to go with Wandy he was Champ for like 7 years against top compition.
2/19/08 4:28:31PM
Im not sure of the answer to the question but, why doesnt Hendo get any love. He is the only MW champion Pride has ever had.
2/19/08 4:45:38PM
Hendo Couture and Fedor all tied for there accomplishments

Fedor never losing his belt (yet)
Hendo having 2 Championship Belts in 2 weight classes at the same time
Couture For Winning LHW Belt, & HW Belt on Numerous occasions.
2/19/08 4:58:48PM

Posted by MikeBillotto

no question that its couture.

not even close...he doesn't make my top 5 tbh

fedor is the choice to go with here with Matt Hughes finishing second. Randy didn't really put together the string of wins that fedor or Hughes did and didn't face the same competition. his most consecutive title defenses were two against Pedro Rizzo while fedor had 3 against all top 10 competition in big nog, mark hunt and CC plus he won the 2004 HW grand prix where he beat coleman, randleman, ogawa and finally big nog. fedor has by far the best resume in terms of competition beat and his resume as champion is no less impressive.
2/19/08 5:03:02PM

Posted by BlazinSaddle

not matt hughes because he fought alot of nobodys

[...]i can see how a UFC nuthugger would pick randy or hughes[...]

2/19/08 9:05:20PM
TIM SILVIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
2/19/08 10:19:57PM

Posted by AchillesHeel

Posted by BlazinSaddle

not matt hughes because he fought alot of nobodys

[...]i can see how a UFC nuthugger would pick randy or hughes[...]

Yeah cause Hughes beat these Nobodies.

Royce Gracie
2/19/08 10:31:19PM
I never pick other on the lists, but I think my #1 is Fedor, and my #2 would be Wand. Dude didn't lose a fight in his weight class for 7 years.
2/19/08 11:29:51PM
Randy couture all the way he is and always will be the best in my eyes
2/20/08 12:45:26AM
To me Hughes is the Tito of the WW devision they both never really defended against top fighters, and when they did they lost... anyone can defend their title a crap load of times if they are in fights with people in the bottom of the top 10 or even out of the top 10 in Titos case.... The differance in Hughes and Tito is that Hughes didn't ducks fights he just went in and got his ass kicked
2/20/08 8:31:51AM
Why do people think Matt Hughes never fought tough competition?

- He won the title and defended once against Carlos Newton who was definitely a top fighter at the time and had only lost to guys like Henderson and Sakuraba who typically fought at weights well above 170.
- He beat Sakurai who was probably the top 170 pounder in Japan, definitely a top 5 guy in the world at WW.
- He beat Sherk who was undefeated and definitely a top 5 guy in the world. That was Sherk's only loss for quite a while.
- He beat Frank Trigg twice. The first time Trigg would have been considered a top 5 fighter (only loss was to Sakurai).
- He beat GSP, handing him his first loss.
- He beat BJ Penn who people considered a top 5 fighter (whether he was at WW is debatable).

I wouldn't consider Castillo, Verrisimo, Gracie or Riggs as top of the line contenders, but I think the overall quality of who he defended against is very good.
2/20/08 8:49:21AM
Royce Gracie
2/20/08 10:25:15AM
ill go with hughes, he was dominant, and it seemed(at keast to me) that no one could take the belt from him(even when bj did it didnt seem probable) for a span of several years. fedor is an extremely close second, and if i thought about this for an hour i might flip flop several times. the deciding factor is that ithough fedor might lose to CC and nog going into fights with them, and i didnt think matt would lose to anyone except maybe gsp the second go round.
2/20/08 4:52:40PM

Posted by mikek32293

i say either fedor or randy but if i had to choose one i would say randy because i highly doubt fedor can remain champ at 40

i doubt randy could run off as many wins as fedor has without a loss
2/21/08 10:42:02PM
When Fedor beats Randy there will be no doubt.
2/22/08 1:27:30AM

Posted by Dastardly1

When Fedor beats Randy there will be no doubt.

no-one will be happy with the outcome of Randy V fedor... If its in a ring and Fedor wins the randy fans will claim its because they were not in a cage, and vice versa if its in a cage and randy wins....
2/22/08 9:19:51PM
I say Coture or Hughes, because when they held the title they beat some real tough opponents.
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