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1/14/08 12:31:34PM
Because certain effects allow for you to accomplish things you couldn't playing clean or acoustic.I do finger tapping exercises on my bass,and if I add distoriton to the exercises,well lets say they go more smoothly,and it's easy to cover notes I met not have fretted as well.the use of effects can cover up technical mistakes,and this is brought up very well in the Victor Bailey/Victor wooten DVD,were Bailey goes over some finger tapping,and talks about how effects can greatly cover up technical mistakes.
1/14/08 1:00:00PM
Yeah thats a really bad example though, I know because I have the dvd and they talk about this right before they play "Thumb start my Harley". Steve switches his distortion on and plays a scale, then plays a variation and then asks Wooten if he can hear the difference. Wooten does not satisfactorily answer. Wooten could hear the difference and so could I. Adding distortion just covers up bad technique, mainly string noise. It doesnt change notes or somehow make you a better musician.
1/14/08 3:01:26PM
that's exactly what I was getting at

1/14/08 7:34:47PM
1. jimmy hendrix
2. stevey ray vaughn
3. jimmy page
4. eric clapton
5. dimebag derrel
6. kerry king
1/14/08 9:14:14PM
finally somebody mentioned dimebag. hes great , though i had herman li edge him out. if you have ever heard through the fire and flames its hard to post an argument about herman li not being in the top 5.
1/14/08 9:25:20PM
Dimebag Darrell Abbott and Kerry King
1/14/08 10:07:07PM

Posted by ko-kbo130

finally somebody mentioned dimebag. hes great , though i had herman li edge him out. if you have ever heard through the fire and flames its hard to post an argument about herman li not being in the top 5.

1st post of em' all...

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

I'll top 5 it.

1-Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)
2-Jimmy Page(Zeppelin)
3-Steve Vai (David lee roth, whitesnake, Frank Zappa, G3)
4-Dimebag Darrell (Pantera)
5-Stevie Ray Vaughn

Honorables: KIRK HAMMETT (Metallica), Joe Satriani (mick Jagger, Deep purple, G3) , Tommy Iommi (Black Sabbath)

1/15/08 1:28:20AM
1-Carlos Santana
2-Eddie VH

For me Santana has been doing it for soooo long and has been heard by more of a varity than just about everyone on the list thats why I pick him dude is great
1/15/08 5:05:55PM
Jimmy Page - Blues, country, folk, heavey metal, reggae, eastern. If it has a string, he can play it. Listen to songs like, The Song Remains The Same. He goes from playing banjo scales, to folk to blues all in one fluid motion. Just because guitarists are out there shredding, that doesn't turn me on. I want to hear guitarists playing different generes of music. Traveling up and down the neck doesn't do it for me. Eddie Van Halen was great for about 3 albums and then it was all the same. The music that Page played, wrote and produced has influenced a ton of people. From P Diddy to the Beastie Boys. From Dolly Parton to the Foo Fighters.

Eddie Van Halen said, "He's a genius. When you hear a Page solo, he speaks."
Slash, Kirk Hammett, Alex Lifeson (Rush's guitarist), Dave Grohl, Joe Perry it goes on and on all "pay hommage" to Page as the best.

Al Di Meola - Jazz at it's best. 4 time jazz giutarist of the year

Terry Kath - Chicago's original guitarist, Terry Kath was heavily influenced by jazz, but didn't just play it. Listen to 25 or 6 To 4 , Make Me Smile "Free Form Guitar", ( A 7 minute guitar solo recorded in one take) Feelin Stronger Everyday, Mississippi Delta City Blues, Poem 58and Introduction where he mixes in jazz, blues, salsa, rock and roll and acid rock playing.

He also pioneered the hammer-on harmonic guitar technique that is used by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen (who uses it with his solo on "Eruption", which is similar to Kath's "Free Form Guitar").

Jime Hendrix called him the best guitar player that he has ever seen or heard

Slash - Need I say anything else. Just listen to the solo in Sweet Child Of Mine, that says it all

Gary Moore/Kenny Wayne Shepard - It's a tie for me with these two. Blues playing at it's fiery and finist
1/17/08 11:24:10AM
Although there are many guitarists that I really like..........

Only one tops my list.......

Stevie Ray Vaughan!!!!!!

The man had the greatest tone ever to come out of the guitar............ and he was the best blues guitarist ever.
1/18/08 10:09:20PM
Kinda feel ashamed of this... Alot of people will as I did slide across this great guitar player who was at a time a twisted genius of his own era. I'm talking about Mr.Frank Zappa . This guy can whale and has insane skill. Of course along his career being accompanied by some guitar greats as Steve Vai, Keith Richards and Roy Estrada(bassist but still awesome at what he does) he was easily overlooked. Anyways i'm just saying, the guy's an amazing musician and great guitar player, check out the solo on The Muffin Man.
1/21/08 6:07:47PM
1.Jimmy Page
2.Jimi Hendrix
3.Dimebag Darrell
5.Eddie Van Halen
1/22/08 3:07:24PM
my top 5 in no order:

Pat Metheny
Pat Martino
Joe Pass
Jim Hall
John Schofield

1/23/08 2:35:30PM
Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Tom particular order.
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