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1/2/08 12:02:30AM
This guy spammed an internet gambling site on NSX Prime (an Honda NSX owners forum) and got taken to town in legendary style. He has edited out the first page or so of his responses but keep reading and you will soon figure it out. An amazing read and Props to the guys over there that dug up the info on him.

PS This site is getting hit hard as the word spreads of the epic pwnage across the net, so if you get the overload page (donkey cart) just refresh your page a few times and you should get back in. ENJOY!

1/2/08 12:10:08AM

Posted by Bemin

PS This site is getting hit hard as the word spreads of the epic pwnage across the net, so if you get the overload page (donkey cart) just refresh your page a few times and you should get back in. ENJOY!


its funny you say if its overload just refresh a few times because here its what the site says

* Please Note: "Try again later" does not mean "sit there mashing the 'reload' button 50 times a second" because if everyone does that, it' s just going to take that much longer for the load on the server to ease up.

1/2/08 12:20:03AM
Haha, they found out he was a sex offender too.
1/2/08 12:33:00AM
Hahaha that's so funny. Props for finding that

The sex offender part put the icing on the cake. That guy really did get owned lol.
1/2/08 5:08:11AM
Nice summary for those that don't want to wade through all the pages, although seeing it all play out is much better

Spammer/Pedophile Punished by Enterprising Online Forum Users

Each time the average person opens up their email, they are bombarded with spam. These unsolicited and generally unwelcome advertisements promote everything from penis enlargement to ways to win at online casinos. Most of the time, this spam is computer-generated and further response will not yield any result. So when a new user registered by the name NSX_Nick began promoting an online gambling site on the Acura NSX forum, veteran members questioned his motives.

NSX_Nick, later revealed to be convicted pedophile Nick Sitko, touted online gambling as the way he earned enough money to pay for his $63,000 Acura NSX. Sitko's first, edited post reads:

Easiest way to own one is to go to a casino and win big and pay for it with cash like me, no car payment is the way to go...

Forum members immediately suspected the member was spamming the board. One member, nsx1, went to the trouble of looking up the whois (public registration information for internet domain names) for his online gambling site. There, he found Sitko's full name, address, and phone number and posted the information for all members to see.

Rather than keep silent as other members continually suggested, Sitko began to make threatening remarks toward the board. As a result, members dug a little further and found that Sitko was convicted in 2003 on child molestation charges and is currently a registered sex offender.

Members then found detailed photos of his vehicle, along with his license plate number. With the license plate number they discovered that the vehicle did, in fact, have a lien holder – the vehicle was not paid for with cash.

It was at about this point when the popularity of this story began to skyrocket. People from all over the world began to check in as thread views surpassed the 250,000 mark. Sitko even joked that Jay Leno requested his interview.

At this point most people would withdraw from the topic at hand, beaten but with some dignity left – not Nick Sitko. He began a half-hearted attempt to cover up his personal information. He deleted all photographs of his vehicle and of himself from his online poker site – there was a public directory with approximately 75-100 images. Then he withdraw comments from NSX Prime and replaced them with smiley faces. It was too late, though. The images were already archived and presented online and his comments were saved by members quoting the original statements.

A new member registered as Kevin1965. His first contribution being in the engine maintenance category. He then waited a full nineteen hours before posting in Sitko's defence. There he posed as a lawyer, citing defamation law and requested that Sitko contact a lawyer.

Kevin1965 appeared to be organized, intelligent and people began to take him seriously. They questioned his motives, though, and began to investigate him. With a single google search they found that every intelligent post Kevin1965 made was in fact, copy and pasted from a legal website. Kevin1965 was completely discredited in a matter of minutes.

At this juncture, a worker at Bluffton Autobody identified Sitko as the owner of that particular NSX and claimed that Sitko did state he owned an online poker business. As well, photos from Sitko's myspace account matched the pictures from his sexual predator registration.

Frostydog of writes:

That thread is like the "perfect storm" of pwnage.

For all those variables to come together at one time in one place makes that a truly historic event.

A) you have the villain of villains (a man everyone can hate without remorse)
B) the web is filled with years worth of actual info about the guy (name, address, license plate #'s, photos, owned domain names, etc..) the best part is he used all his real info without security to data what-so-ever.
C) the poor guy really is an idiot, he's consistent in being an idiot (which is important) and he doesn't know when to shut his mouth. Just when you think he couldn't dig himself in any deeper, he does just that...
D) Timing...over the holiday break when everyone has free time to contribute to the cause of owning Nick

simply amazing...

I believe that summarizes this story...

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Written by Tyler Norwood at 7:06 PM

1/2/08 8:32:23AM
Read through this stuff on Sherdog last night, what an absolute scream!

He is a spammer, an advertiser, a liar and a sex offender, having sexy with 13 year old girls, naught Nick Adam Sitko!
1/2/08 10:42:22AM
I dont even know what to say to that. Thats what idiot spammers deserve.

Kind of scary the amount of information thats on the internet though.
1/2/08 12:05:19PM
Although, it's a little disturbing that I find it so funny, but that picture of the T-shirt on page 2 is hilarious.

"Chris Hansen is a cockblocker"

Sick, but that's hilarious.
1/2/08 1:33:43PM
I don't know what to say????? Does the guy deserve this because he is a spammer and sex offender or just because he is stupid enough to get into this type of situation.

Finding information on someone is so easy. I've bought and sold lots of stuff (privately) over the net and had to track down a couple people that were screwing me around. Needless to say they were a little shocked when I gave them a call at home.

The moral of this story is to mind your manners because it doesn't take a computer genius to get a ton of information on someone over the net.
1/3/08 6:38:04AM
i saw a link to this thread on a poker site i frequent and it is solid fin gold
1/3/08 11:39:15AM
wow...that kid got pwned
1/3/08 4:44:56PM
I know a few people i would like to do that to
1/3/08 11:50:39PM
This is good stuff, immortallized into the web