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3/29/08 1:35:45AM
3/29/08 2:01:35AM
lol...if nothing else, that was pretty funny. Like Mini Kenny florian and mini Cabbage correra fighting.
Plus, how big was that cage? 4 feet by 4 feet? lol
3/29/08 3:04:29AM
Wow, is it bad that I thought it was Dan Henderson until half way through!!!

Thats bad isn't it!!!

3/29/08 5:45:51AM
i still think griffin vs bonnar 1 is up there pretty high
3/29/08 1:48:21PM
The funny thing is, those midgets look so darn serious.
3/29/08 7:47:21PM
I have those same pair of Everlast hand wraps lol!
3/31/08 9:39:51AM
I agree with the dude who said Forrest and bonnar 1is the greatest mma fight
3/31/08 2:47:33PM
ummmm........could those guys actually do subs? Their arms are so small.....
3/31/08 3:25:54PM
Haha, I don't know whether to feel offended or to just sit back and enjoy it! I kind of feel sorry for those dudes being put on display like that.. but I imagine they weren't exactly forced into doing it.

Whoever said Kenflo vs. Cabbage was dead on. Those guys seriously look like some video game representation of them. Except this Cabbage has a glass jaw

Was that a giant bird cage??
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