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6/11/10 1:07:43PM
Sounds like we got a fun weekend coming up. World Cup is here! NBA finals and UFC. Can't wait!

Mexico was robbed already.
6/11/10 1:23:51PM
Don't forget the start of Interleague play for mlb.

There's almost too much going on, too much to watch. Also I have to work sat & sun night.
6/11/10 1:39:40PM
oh yeah! freeway series! Los Dodgers vs The Angels. good stuff. Cant wait to leave work! haha
6/11/10 1:54:20PM
Once I get off work in about an hour I'm off to B'more for the O's-Mets game tonight, looking forward to it-should be a perfect night for baseball at the Yard. Then this Sunday it's start #2 for Our Savior, looking forward to that. Then I'll do it all over again in 2 weeks but that'll be the Battle Of The Beltways-O's vs. Nats 2. Already went to the series in DC, now I'm going to the Baltimore half. Wish I could've gotten off earlier to go up though, the ESPN Zone in Baltimore closes Tuesday, would've liked to go one more time.
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