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6/24/07 1:15:12AM

Lost all of them, dammit! Manny was dominating nate until that fluke, and doug evans was dominating huerta! I could have been Fantasy rich if they came through.
6/24/07 1:50:14AM
LOL ouch I think its your Shamrock Avatar! j/k

I had 500 on emerson i guess since it was a n/c they just acted like it didn't happen!
6/24/07 1:55:06AM
I went safe and bet $1000 on Penn.
6/24/07 2:48:17AM
yea, i think most people made their money on penn. I figured with all the upsets lately how could I possibly lose
6/24/07 3:45:19AM
I made all my money off of Diaz. I put 500 on him
6/24/07 7:03:09AM
Diaz got SO lucky that manny injured his shoulder while shooting in. manny would have won that fight for sure,had he not gotten hurt.
6/24/07 9:44:53AM
I don't think you can truely believe that just because Manny won the 1st round, which he did, that he would win the fight, Diaz normaly needs the 1st to get started and I think he would've pulled out the w either way but the way he did earned me 22 points and some fake loot.
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