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2/22/09 3:49:30PM
Rory Markham - "Dan Hardy has no punching power"
3/3/09 11:36:43AM

Posted by Manfred

"How many guys can say they actually been with Jenna Jameson"
-Tito Ortiz

Haha this one's my favourite. Poor tito
3/4/09 11:58:12PM
"When people hit me and I feel like, 'oh this guy is trying to knock me out,' then i break my foot off in their ass"
-Rampage Jackson
3/5/09 2:05:51PM
"The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is open." - Rickson Gracie
(Love this quote, especially when dealing with many close-minded people)

Great MMA Quotes: Anything that comes out of Rampages mouth. Bas Rutten has some goodens
3/26/09 9:40:51AM
During TUF 7, when rampage, dana and forrest were evaluating the 32 fighters in the prelim fights. I forget which fight it was in but here is how i remember it.

Rampage: "This guy is good im gonna write notes on this guy"
3-4 second pause
Rampage: "AHH S**T"

Dana: "What's wrong?"

Rampage: "Can't spell what i wanna say"

I cracked up on that one.
4/3/09 9:50:09PM
"I've flown half way acroos the world, and I don't feel I've been treated fairly...but it's ok because I got a spaggeti dinner"- Bisping on TUF3 ep.2.( I paraphrased a bit).

Another TUF 3 classic:

Noah: Could you go get my ball
Tait: I could...but I'm not gonna.
Noah: That's kind of an asshole move.

6/22/09 12:25:50AM
Bas Rutten always has great quotes. One of my favorite is when rampage beat chuck and everyone was booing and rampage said add another Boo to that and thats what you people smell like BOO BOO. Got to love rampage lol.
8/24/09 5:00:47AM
prepare for the worse and only the best will happen(tito ortiz)

“They made a Tito bobblehead but that **** wouldn’t bobble, it would just fall down to one side and stay there.”(rampage)

Man that was like fighting a big ass smelly skunk! Matt you need to take a shower man…(rampage)

Bas Rutten: “So you’re fighting Minowa.”
Rampage: “Manure?”
Bas Rutten: “No Minowa, what do u know about him?”
Rampage: “I found out his name was Manure, I was like, damn, this guy must be the s#*t!”

“I like to see my hand raised at the end of the night. I like when the ref raises my hand. That’s why I shave my armpits like the professionals wrestlers. I like to see my arm raised.”(rampage)

“When I beat wanderlei i’m a take his belt pull his pants down and spank him for bein so ugly”(rampage)
I love Marvin (Eastman), he’s like a brother to me. But right now, it’s time for black on black crime.”(rampage)

9/17/09 6:35:11PM

Bad p$&#y is like bad pizza. It's not really that bad.

-Matt Serra
11/16/09 3:04:22AM

Posted by CornishMMA

Posted by xchickox

i just watched the tuf 3 finale and bisping at the end said to rogan "josh showed a lot of heart, i hit him with punches that would have knocked out a horse" bisping genius in interviews as usual

I disagree dude, i dont hink he is genius, i dont even think he is funny, he is just crazily arrogant and says stuff like that which clearly isnt true as he has no ko power, makes me ashamed to be british with him as our only major representative in the sport

LOLsmell the sarcasm 1st of all. 2nd of all Bisping is about the best ambassador for MMA UK could hope for.
That man is going to beat some BIG names watch......
7/19/10 7:35:09PM
Some really good quotes. Bas RULES!!!!
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