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11/26/07 8:31:32PM
Just added a ton of Rampage quotes, and gave him his own section like Tank, definatly worth taking another read.
11/27/07 2:55:12AM
Good read.
11/28/07 12:42:36PM
"ill come out smelling like booze and dirty hookers and still put the stamp on kids"
-chris leben

"i love all the fans exept the drunk ones who just boo at everything"


"i want to **** chuck"


"andrei arlovski gets knocked out by a light breeze"

-tim sylvia

"not bad for an old man"

-randy coulture
12/5/07 1:53:54AM
Added a ton more quotes, most at the end of the post for easy locating, but scattered a few others for the scavenger hunters. ENJOY!
12/20/07 6:07:22PM
fabulous thread
12/24/07 6:49:18PM
"Years ago we hardly had anything to eat. Now I earn more money and I see every opponent as a man that tries to put me back to that poorer period. That man has to be eliminated."

--Fedor Emelianenko
12/25/07 12:10:05AM
Gabe Ruediger "I'm giving 100% out there."

Monstah Lobstah "You need to stop giving 100% in the kitchen."

"Two things you think about when you see another man... Who has a bigger dick and can I take that guy in a fight... One thing you cant do anything about, the other you can"
-Forrest Griffen

"I think i just heard rich franklin run to the gym" Joe Rogan, after Silva destroys Leban
12/26/07 6:36:20AM
Joe Rogan to Randy Couture(a split second before Jardine drops Liddell)

"Now Randy, Do you thing Chuck is getting Frustrated ?"

Barnoni vs Shamrock press confrence:

Question: Frank, are you still sticking by letting your fists do the talking? Or are you going to respond to this?

Shamrock: Well, it is what it is. I am a professional martial artist, and I am a professional fighter. Phil is a professional idiot. I let my talking happen in the ring.

Micheal Bisping to Mike Nickels on TUF 3, after hear Nickels impersonate his lauh

"******* Dick"

Don Frye on Ken Shamrock
"Ken Shamrock is the most dangerious man in the world?, yeah maybe behind the wheel of a car"
12/31/07 1:39:19AM
lol these r all great, but i have another one

Wandy- "I want to f*uck Chuck"
1/11/08 10:14:00AM
Joe Rogan reacting to the majority decision victory of Rashad over Bonnar in which he thought should've been unanimous. "... whoever that judge was ought to be shot!" Then you briefly hear a voice popping in telling him he can't say that.

Ross Pointon on Kendall Grove: ... "no, don't get me wrong I like the guy... it's just too bad I have to smash his f#cking face in."
1/17/08 7:51:07AM
this is not exact but it is one of my favorite rickson quotes

"there is a moment in every fight when a mistake is made. this moment cannot be missed"

there are a lot of great rickson quotes...
1/17/08 5:27:32PM
"im an avid athiest, i believe in science" - jason "mayhem" miller
1/17/08 9:50:49PM
QUESTION: Tank, was your era on the streets so much tougher than Kimbo’s?

TANK: Because there was no referee and there were no people walking around watching it. When you entered into a fight you assumed the risk to die. You didn't have to worry about somebody as a referee stepping in and saving it. Like I said, I've got well over 200 street fights under my belt.

QUESTION: Your response to that, Kimbo?

KIMBO: I was smelling chicken and looking at the food. I wasn't paying Tank any attention.

-Tank and Kimbo commentating on their upcoming fight.

QUESTION: Tank, you fought twice in 2007, once in 2006 and twice in 2005: When you're not fighting, what do you do?

TANK: My hobby is drinking.
1/19/08 7:28:18AM
these quotes are pricless..."That knee was big"...LMAO
1/21/08 12:12:16AM
top 10 quote ufc 80

Bj Penn "Sean Sherk......Your Dead!"

haha love it
1/27/08 12:49:45AM
"AT least theres no boogers coming out of my nose"

Lets take a look at the Rambo Replay


(Kurt Pellegrino UFN 12 Post fight Interview vs. Alberto Crane)
2/12/08 1:47:04PM
I think it was Joe Rogan says to Forrest Griffin

"so when do you think you'll get your title shot?"

Forrest replys with
"when i stop fighting like this (ducks his head and swings his arms wildly)

Anything by Tank, Rampage or Forrest is certain to be a classic.
2/12/08 3:54:14PM
"shut up and drink some more red wine frenchy" (matt serra)

2/18/08 10:24:51PM
How about this one:

MMA Weekly: Rampage, what have you been up to since your fight with Wanderlei?
Rampage: A lot, I beat 3 games!
2/19/08 1:04:44AM

"I know I hurt him because when I hit him he said AAAAAAAAAH" - GSP about Sherk
2/19/08 1:13:17AM

"I mean who else can box you up, take you down and gogo you, fuk!, put me in a magazine" Nick Diaz

Gabe Ruediger "I'm Giving 100% out there"

OMG I Fell outta my chair!!! LMAO!!!!
2/19/08 1:15:14AM
"That little guy, I don't know, i don't know what the ****; he was doing some karate in there, uh he's doing you know some crazy super punch shit."
".. he's doing some little ****** hydokin ****** punch out there to me."
-Nick Diaz - Post fight interview with Sherdog after the Gomi fight.

Nick Diaz, Joe Rogan, Bas Rutten and Rampage say the FUNNIEST sh**
2/28/08 1:09:26AM
Check my sig.
3/9/08 11:45:21PM
I just want to be known as the best ever, is that too much to ask?
--BJ Penn
4/4/08 8:17:01PM
My fav is on a PRIDE FC dvd. Its Mark Coleman(cornering) to kevin Randelman(fighting and descisivly winning) "Dont just fight to win, Kick his ******* ass" I thought it was great cause it was caught by a mic and not suppossed to.
4/13/08 9:28:53PM
You have wayyyyyyyyyy too much time on your hands
4/13/08 9:30:01PM
this guy has way too much time on his hands
4/17/08 10:01:07AM
when ken shamrock caled tito a boy and said he would beat him like a boy you monkey that was hilarious
4/21/08 10:35:17AM
Rampage's qoute were the funniest
4/24/08 12:09:09AM
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