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8/7/07 11:20:50AM
Does the MMA faithful here who actually likes having intelligent conversation about MMA listen to any MMA podcasts on the net?

I've been listening to the Sherdog, Savage Dog Show, which apparently gets good reviews, this morning. And I have to say this, it's horrible. Unbelievably horrible.

I think they wasted about 30-45 minutes talking about things that were not MMA, and then made some very unintelligent comments about WEC/IFL, namely the WEC promotionals that had no bearing on the UFC because Zuffa owns both. I don't know, seems like a very off collar show. I wasn't impressed, but maybe it was just one bad show.
8/7/07 12:09:58PM
I've listened to a few on and off. When I first downloaded iTunes I first checked out Gary Anderson's The Ultimate Podcast and listened to that for a few weeks but grew tired of it. A couple weeks ago I started listening to The Stephen Quadros Show on Sherdog, so far it's decent for a new show but I've only listened for 2 weeks so it's still too early to come to a real conclusion on it either way. He covers all of MMA, not just UFC, although right now I personally prefer shows that focus mostly or entirely on UFC.
8/8/07 4:32:47AM
I listen to allthge shows. Anyshow Jordan Breen is on for the day is good. Savage'Sherwood together isn't very entertaining IMo. The rest are fine, But only Quadros/Creecy and Breen /anyone make me want to listen. I'm listening the Quadros PODcast as I type right now.
8/8/07 10:27:50AM
Savage/Sherwood is the most horribly produced show they have. Those guys have zero good opinions, and it just seems like Sherwood is a stoner sitting in on the show. Bad show, big time.

Breen's show are great. He definitely does his homework.
8/8/07 10:37:01AM
Jordan Breen show is definately the best out there with Beatdown as close second and Savage Dog show as third. Jeff does drag it down a bit which is unfortunate because both Savage and Sherwood sit on some hefty years of dealing with MMA and fighters and their insight (if well articulated) is interesting to hear IMO.
8/8/07 11:57:30AM
I'm probably just disappointed with Savage's last show, where they spent 45 minutes talking about Sherwood's lame vacation, and he sounded like he was stoned and eating while on the air. It was horrible, but he did have some insight on the past as far as MMA goes. I will probably listen to a few more to see if they get out of that rut.

Breen's show is a step above all of them.
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