‘Great’ at middleweight: Nate Marquardt gunning for another shot at Anderson Silva

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8/19/09 8:42:37PM

It’s no secret that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is running out of worthy opponents. His last two title defenses were widely criticized for being lackluster — due in large part to the quality of his opponents — and he’s moved up in weight twice looking for competition and exciting fights.

8/19/09 9:21:02PM
I wouldn't want to see another silva/Marquart fight. Marquart has improved greatly since the first fight, but so has silva, and I Really don't think the second fight would end that much differently from the first. Also, with possible fights for silva against Henderson/Maia/GSP/and a possible trip back up to 205, I seriously doubt the UFC will give Marquart a title shot anytime soon. Wouldn't exactly be a huge draw, and Silva already smashed him once.

However, if Maia wins, I could see Maia/Silva happening, as I think Maia is pretty much the only UFC middleweight who has a legit shot of beating Silva.
8/19/09 10:25:27PM
Only because he hasn't fought him yet.....Maia doesn't have the striking that it's going to take to get the fight on the ground where he needs it. I like the fact that A. Silva can bounce in between wieght divs and all, but something needs to happen in the MW Div bad, it's at a nearly complete standstill.
8/20/09 12:24:36AM
Marquardt looks better every time we see him. I think that he is due another shot if he beats Maia.
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