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8/6/12 10:57:44PM
If you havent seen it, funny
8/7/12 3:59:06AM
You have to be well hung to pull that off. I sure as hell know I can't.

Mrs. KungFuMaster: "Get that shit out of my face and go cut the grass.!"
8/7/12 7:51:13AM
Ah, classic.
8/7/12 10:31:46AM
Me and a buddy dressed up as them for Halloween one year with boxes hooked up by our belt loop. Big hit out at the bars.
8/7/12 11:36:38AM
I say get your girlfriends a Shewee.
8/7/12 1:11:36PM
JT looks like Robert Patrick when he was the bad guy in Double Dragon.