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6/3/09 7:15:15PM
Here is a Drew McFedries interview. He talks about everything from some of his KOs to the music he likes. Drew is a very cool guy, enjoy the read.

Drew McFedries Interview with FightLockdown

This week I managed to score some time with Drew "the Massacre" McFedries, a well-spoken, yet dangerous fighter who recently sent Xavier Foupa-Pokam packing with his grenade-stuffed cinderblocks. Check out what Drew had to say about his training, his daily battle with Crohn's disease, and the pleasure of knocking his opponents silly, after the jump!

Stephanie Pittman: First of all, I want to say thanks for taking the time to do this interview with the Lockdown. I also want to congratulate you on your recent win at UFC 98. During the post-fight press conference you talked about training with H.I.T Squad and not Miletich. Are you permanently at the H.I.T Squad now, or will you be going back to Miletich and cross-training?

Drew McFedries: Actually I just like the atmosphere created when I’m around the guys that I started training with. They're tough, they grind through works outs. They're also people that hold me to a higher expectation so they push me further. I will say that MFS has been great over the years, but after I made that comment it appears it will be hard for them to take me back. I have no arrangements to train with the H.I.T. Squad, my loyalties have always been to MFS. The truth of the comment I made at the press conference was the fact that I was a bit upset that I had no one at my match from my own gym, MFS. Not to say that preparing for any of my matches wasn’t good. I had plenty of support (as far as my training) there but there wasn’t a guy from my gym at my fight. I really don’t plan on cross-training or gym jumping. I will do what it takes to get ready for my next fight. Whatever it takes. So, no I don’t have any plans to commit to another gym at this time.

SP: What is the difference between the two camps and how does one benefit more so than the other?

DM: The benefit for me is being put in a more positive mindset. I think every fighter knows that they need to be mentally ready to enter the Octagon. If you aren’t it could make for a long day. I did not train in house with the H.I.T. Squad, so I can’t comment on their gym. My preparation for a match back home is second to none, we have a lot of bodies and tough individuals.

SP: What has been your toughest fight to date?

DM: Really I can’t put a finger on my toughest fight because most of my fights, win or lose, have to do more with me than my opponents. I always come physically prepared. All of my matches have been a learning process for me. I am constantly trying to package my fighting abilities and perform to a higher level. I try new things every match. Different ways to get ready before I enter the ring. I’m still trying to find what things really work for me. To try and answer that question, I feel this past fight at UFC 98 was my toughest to date. Due to my past, the pressure was really on. Some might say it was a matter of how badly did I want to keep my job.

SP: You have had quite a few highlight reel knockouts, what is your favorite one?

DM: Any KO is great, but I think the best fights I have ever had were the fights before UFC, when I was more of a raw fighter. I also did a few bar room boxing matches when I started years ago. So I would say my best KOs are the ones that no one has seen.

SP: Drew, I hope you realize how remarkable it is that you're so articulate with the risky 'kill or be killed' fighting style you employ every fight. Have you ever considered a career in something other than fighting?

DM: I know that there will be a time where I will have to move on from fighting. I would like to finish my degree first off, so who knows from there? I think that the UFC video game has offered a lot of opportunity for us fighters. I wouldn't mind doing some music videos or taking small parts in movies. Other than that, I’m fairly simple. I will just have to see where this road takes me.

SP: You're a pretty ripped 185er, how much weight do you have to cut to fight at MW?

DM: There's no telling what I could weigh the day of the fight. I would say on average I’m about 198 going into the ring. I have been as high as 202 and been as low as 191. It depends on how big I really want or need to be.

SP: Many people still don't know this, but you were diagnosed with Crohn's disease. When did you find this out, and how does it impact your training?

DM: I deal with Crohn's disease on a daily basis. I found out I had this at about 24 I believe. Anyone who has it knows that this disease is very unforgiving. For the most part it can drain me of all my energy. I get dizzy spells from time to time. Cramping, there are plenty of symptoms that make it hard to deal with. Besides all that I just make the choice that I will train myself and push myself as far as I can no matter what.

SP: You've been through a lot the past couple of years, but your perseverance really is inspiring. What helped you through this rough period in your life, and what have you taken away from the experience?

DM: For starters, I think that I’m a very realistic person. We are subject to certain things in life. None of us go through life without a personal problem or mistakes made. I guess I look at my life and say that I have a lot to be thankful for and that there are plenty of people that would like to have my problems. To be honest, I’m really not sure. I get up every day and put one foot in front of the other and go wherever my soul takes me.

SP: In an interview with you stated that you were "bothered" by the fact that rookie Brock Lesnar was making $500 000 for just his second MMA fight when you had to work your way through small show tournaments just to get UFC attention. How do you feel about him being the HW champion now, with only 3 UFC fights under his belt?

DM: I think that Brock is a phenom of sorts, wthout a doubt a great specimen and athlete. I believe that if we were to sit down and look at his short rise to the top we wouldn’t have much respect for the guy. I will say that he has been training more and more. His experience is growing. Hopefully we will be able to embrace him more after a few title defenses.

SP: Besides MMA, what are some of your other interests?

DM: Besides MMA I’m into all sorts of ****. I really have gotten into my sport quad. I had to do that because of my love for sport bikes, which I needed to get rid of. So yes, I have the need for speed. I play tons of video games with the other guys at home or online. When I’m at UFC, I like to shoot. Shooting is something that I probably wouldn’t have ever been able to do without the sponsor support I have picked up in the past 2 years. Also Tim Sylvia hooked me up with a sweet compound bow. I have been shooting targets with that more lately. I’m always doing something. I guess that’s why I fight. I can’t sit down for too long.

SP: Have you played the new UFC 2009 Undisputed game? If so, besides yourself who is your favorite fighter to fight with?

DM: I have yet to play the UFC video game. I’m still in Vegas, but I do have a fresh copy waiting on me at home.

SP: How do you feel a fan's dream fight between you and Melvin Manhoef would go?

DM: Since I don’t know who that is at the moment. I’m not sure.

SP: What is the hardest loss of your career?

DM: As far as losing goes, no one wants to lose. In my mind, I really don’t count losses in the UFC. I’m on the highest fighting stage in the world right now. No one is going to tell me I lost by being in the UFC.

SP: How do you feel you compare to the elite in your division?

DM: I think I compare very well to the elite guys in my weight division. The only exception is that my career is still very young. I don’t have a lot of time in the Octagon. The more I get in there the better I will be. I think I still have some polishing to do, but for the most part, I think I measure up fine.

SP: If any, what music gets you pumped before fights?

DM: I never really had a preference on music, but what I like the most is gangster rap type stuff.

SP: Coming off a big win over Professor X, who would you like to fight next?

DM: As far as my next opponent. I really don’t have anyone in mind. That’s something my manager and the match-makers work out. I fight anyone they put in front of me.

SP: Drew, it has been a pleasure interviewing you. has nothing but love for you and all your hard work. We would like to wish you luck and we hope to see more and more of you in the future.

DM: Thanks.

6/3/09 7:23:30PM
Good interview, he's got a great attitude.
6/4/09 9:40:09AM
Wow.. he doesn't know who Melvin Manhoef is? That's kind of strange... in a way. I know not all fighters are as into the sport as hardcore MMA fans are, but you'd figure he'd know Melvin Manhoef. Weird.

Anyway, I like Drew a lot. You know every time he fights it's going to be a war.
6/4/09 9:42:57AM
Anytime gentlemen thank you very much. Drew is an exciting fighter to watch. He definitely throws the heat. His fight with Kampmann was brutal in those first minutes. He think he is so aware that he ends up loosing some of these fights mentally which leads to a loss most of the time. If he can keep the mental game straight I think he can be a force. Thanks again.
6/4/09 1:50:36PM
Manhoef would murder him, hahaha
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