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3/10/07 9:13:08AM
The latest buzz going around the boxing world is the fear that mixed martial arts will replace boxing as the number-one combat sport in the world.

3/10/07 11:09:39AM
More of an even assessment than I expected from a boxing guy. I don't get how simply throwing more punches = more action. He's also obviously never seen Chuck fight (there are many others who can make a guy stand, just an ex). I'm def an ex of the younger gen he's talking about. My grandfather was a big boxing fan, I liked it (but always thought HW's were boring), and then in the mid-90's everything changed. I've always thought MMA was more exciting, and it has nothing to do with the cage (I actually prefer the ring or open mat).
3/10/07 2:15:59PM
That's my problem with the boxing people. They want more punches thrown. They do not look at the medical problems that are caused by more punches thrown. A just read another article about a boxer you just had brain surgery to relieve the swellin due to many hits.

They refuse to look at how mach MMA is safer then boxing. Hell, his own repost talked about and he probablt didn't even realize it.
3/10/07 9:58:00PM
I am in an ongoing threadat a boxing forum with boxing fans, and its amazing some of the misconceptions and outright falsehoods they have. A very interesting read
3/12/07 3:27:13AM
I like to think of myself as a fan of all combat sports. But I find it harder to enjoy watching boxing these days. Once mma became more accessable on free tv boxing just doesn't hold the same value for me. Especially the bigger guys (heavyweights). The lighter boxers throw more and block less and so those bouts can be more entertaining. Now whenever I am watching a boxing match I keep waiting for a knee or a leg kick. There are a few matches (boxing) that I have enjoyed watching recently. Like the last Valuev bout. That guy is a freak of nature and he crushes guys without breaking a sweat. and just a day or two ago I watch Vladamir Klitchko and Ray Austin. If you havn't seen it yet you should check it out. Klitchko knocks dude out in rd 2 and the whole fight he never threw a single right hand.

Aside from a few exciting fights, boxing is going the way of the vcr and 8 track. It will be around forever but noone will watching.
3/12/07 12:45:25PM
i used to watch boxing, still do occasionally, but its not as exciting for me as watching mma.
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