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11/20/13 1:27:21AM

Not really news so I put it here. More of an opinion piece.

I agree with every word.
11/20/13 2:33:28AM

But no matter what you believe, it was in fact a very close fight. A great fight. An entertaining fight, where the champ put everything on the line. He was hurt, he was rocked, he was bloody and he was fighting his heart out. He found himself in a fight with a man who has cinderblocks for fists, and – in what was sure to be a horrifying realization for GSP - he could not get this man to the mat. GSP had to stand. He had to trade with him, risking a knock out at any fraction of a second. A risk that GSP barely avoided, which was evident by the cuts, bruises and bumps all over his face. And at the end of the night, GSP had apparently done enough to get the nod; he was a severely injured champion, but a champion none the less.

Great article indeed
11/20/13 8:33:12AM

Posted by bjj1605


Not really news so I put it here. More of an opinion piece.

I agree with every word.

Me too. How Dana thinks GSP owes anyone anything after bringing years of dominance, smashing records, drumming up millions upon millions for the UFC and being the best ambassador for the sport since it began I don't get.
If GSP wanted to walk away for good now Dana and the rest of the UFC should be singing his praises not kicking the guy while he's obviously down.
11/29/13 1:57:15PM
I thought I hated Dana to the max. Hes delusional talking that shit to GSP when hes sitting right there.
11/30/13 9:43:21AM
Haven't the pregnancy and sick family rumors been debunked? Maybe it wasn't when he first wrote this though.

Very fair and balanced piece IMO, well written too. I wish GSP wasn't such a nice guy sometimes. If he wants to retire, let him do it - he doesn't owe anyone. Can't blame the guy for wanting to go out on top while avoiding the Muhammad Ali route. I wish Chuck retired about 5 fights earlier.

I re-watched the fight with the sound off the next day. I still think Hendricks won, but it was very close when taken on a round-by-round basis.

Even if he appears to be a little mentally fragile outside of the cage, his mental toughness when he needs it in the cage is second to none IMO. He's taken plenty of hard shots, eye pokes, injuries, criticisms, and the adversity of what has been 1 of the 2 most talent-rich weight classes for years head-on with unparalleled success. He was on auto-pilot for much of his Hendrix fight and nearly won. You don't accomplish stuff like that if you are weak-willed or mentally soft.
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