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6/5/08 4:21:54AM
Boy I miss knees on the ground... Great VId and you got to love rockin' out to a little Zombie.

6/5/08 8:00:16AM
Good video. Man That rampag/ wandy video is great. reminds me how f-ing tough Rampage is and how awesome wandy is. Maybe I should change my LHW top ten.
6/5/08 9:29:04AM
Man those knees that randleman landed on Kenichi Yamamoto are some of the best i've ever seen, especially from that position.
6/5/08 2:48:53PM
Thats from the MMA EVOLUTION video, everyone should watch that, its about 90 mins and has everything you could wish to see
6/5/08 2:55:53PM
good video, knees are underrated in MMA 2nd only to leg kicks
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