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7/5/08 2:03:39PM
I think this matchup should happen now more then ever because shrek is coming off a title match loss and needs to fight a up and comer contender like maynard. Maynard is coming off a dominating win over edgar and he needs to fight a top guy like shrek to let it be known that he is a top contender not a pretender. They both are great wrestlers but shrek is a freak and I feel maynard is not at his level yet so I think shrek takes this by 3rd round ground and pound

who do you think will win??
7/5/08 2:10:39PM
sherk by tko second round
7/5/08 2:13:18PM
Sherk is WAY to strong for Maynard. And has way to much experience.
IMO sherk domination.
7/5/08 2:35:46PM
maynard is alraedy one of the best lw's in the division. this guy rolls with some of the best lw's in the world on a daily basis. he's getting better everyday. put him in there with sherk a see whats happens. the fight could easily go either way. someone ask bj penn. he'd probably know better then anyone how these 2 would matchup. i have to go with maynard he's one of my guys. ud.
7/5/08 2:40:10PM
Sherk by UD. I don't think Sherk would knock him out. He would wrestle him down and control him on the ground, landing shots, but not do to much damage. Maynard is good enough on the ground to avoid to much punishment.
7/5/08 2:45:56PM
I would rather watch them havea wrestling match. at least then I am getting what I paid for. Im not sure I can think of a more boring fight then that one.
7/5/08 2:47:01PM
sherk wouldnt get a KO, gray's striking has improve a lot and has a better reach than sherk, so i think sherk would just grind out a UD. Cus i dont see Gray getting the tko because if france couldnt KO sherk with those knees then idk.
7/5/08 3:17:10PM
Sherk would win a fairly easy UD.
7/5/08 5:14:00PM
i say Maynard wins. before TUF 6, for a previous fight, Bj called gray and asked him to come to Hawaii and help him on his Wrestling. of all the people Bj could have got a hold of he called Gray. IMO Gray could out wrestle Sherk. plus Gray was Forrest's wrestling coach on TUF 7. i think people under estimate his abilities. i did before the Edgar fight and i think the only type of fighter that could beat him is a BJJ guy. I wont count him out till then. sorry lol
7/5/08 5:16:18PM
I like Maynard, but I don't think he's ready for SS yet. Sherk shouldn't be fighting an up and comer he should be fighting a guy trying to get a title shot.
7/5/08 5:38:54PM
I think Gray would surprise a lot of peoples by dominating roid Sherk on the ground.

Gray by UD.

7/5/08 6:48:54PM
gray is 1 of my hopefuls so i would like to see him beat sherk
if he does win he may cut to the front of the line for a title shot or that may be hopeful thinking
7/5/08 7:58:29PM
Maynard is improving very fast, but not fast enough to fight someone like Sherk just yet, Maybe if Franca can get by Edgar, Maynard - Franca that would be a little bit better
7/5/08 8:22:39PM
There's a big gap between Sherk and the rest of the LW division (excluding BJ)

Sherk is the 2nd best LW in the UFC and he would dominate maynard en route to a UD imo. It is a match-up i would like to see though
7/6/08 5:47:21AM
I don't think that Maynard is quite ready for Sherk. I say give Maynard either Stevenson or Tibau.. Sherk would win this one easily. Sherk unless they are starting him from the bottom, should be facing someone like Tyson Griffin next.
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