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6/20/12 1:58:06PM
Gray Maynard goes back to his roots

Gray Maynard explains the soul searching he did after his loss to Frankie Edgar, his change of lifestyle, and why he thinks it will help him beat Clay Guida and eventually win the belt
6/20/12 2:00:29PM
I thought this was a very interesting article and worth the read. I didn't know Gray made so many changes, and now I am sure he will beat the Carpenter.
6/20/12 2:15:11PM
Back to his roots would mean he went back to wrestling, which he hasn't gotten away from in his fights, except the Veras fight which he won by KO.
6/20/12 2:40:10PM
I think they mean mentally... He seemed to be in a bad place after both fights with Frankie, but according to the interview he seems rebooted and ready to get back at it.

Glad to see him happy again.
6/20/12 5:03:30PM
Maynard was one of my least favorite fighters to watch for a long, long time. The two fights with Edgar totally changed that, especially the second post-fight press conference. He was funny, candid, and most of all humble, and I agree with others who feel that most fighters fighter must diversify their training camps when their skills start to stagnate.

Guida has a slight edge in heart and speed, but I think Maynard will be too strong and technical for him. I expect a very focused start will lead to a second round counter on the feet and a finish on the ground.
6/20/12 5:16:35PM
Goes back to his roots? What would that be, lay and pray?
6/20/12 7:38:40PM
Double KOs?
6/20/12 8:17:25PM
Going to be an awesome fight!...... maybe
6/20/12 9:47:28PM
Pretty good read ..... I think Maynard will win a tight SD in this fight .... I see Maynard wining the early rounds and losing the last 2 to the cardio kid Guida for a 48-47 - 48-47 - 47-48 score. Guida also could win this fight if Maynard gasses to early, but I think his back to basics and wrestling training at AKA in San Jose will pay off in a big way.
6/21/12 12:04:08AM
I just can't bring myself to like Maynard.

Something about his personality irks me.

I've never liked Guida much either though.....

I have no one to root for in this fight.
6/21/12 8:03:54AM
What was his roots again.... Lay n pray !
6/21/12 10:07:35AM
He's going to suck water and nutrients out of the ground
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