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9/8/08 2:01:59AM
This guy is one of my favorite LW fighters, but i can't help but wonder why he doesn't fight more? he has not really had any major trouble with any of his fights, and he is undefeated and looks better and better each fight, i think the thing that is keeping people from talking about him more is his number of fights. he only averages two fights a YEAR. two in 06 and two in 07. 08 will be his busiest year with three fights. i thought most fighters (if they don't have any injuries) fight about four times a year. (correct me if im wrong) i know he helped out on TUF and i know he coaches alot at Xtreme Couture. does he just like coaching more or what?

just did a little more reasearch and i guess the average is about three fights a year. sorry i know i should have done the reasearch before i even posted. my bad
9/8/08 5:59:27AM
no worries buddy. i wish sometimes they fought more but i think its for there health
9/8/08 10:51:48AM
I think he broke his hand in his last fight, so that might be why you haven't seen him in a while... that and I don't think he gets paid too much by the UFC so he'll have to do something to suppliment his income untill he starts getting bigger fights/fanbase and making more $$
9/8/08 1:09:46PM
Gray could not fight for like 4 monts because of a hand injury
9/12/08 10:57:15AM
When he was being interviewed on "Rough" he had been away appearing in some movies, another wannabe movie star like Cung Le & Randy
9/12/08 11:03:55AM
Besides from the broken hand I think with the increased talent in each fight he wants to train more and more to learn.

If he beats Clementay or whatever the spelling is he will be my favorite fighter. Anyone who can outwork Frankie Edgar is an incredible fighter! Man I think this guy has crazy potential.
9/12/08 6:21:03PM
i say this alot but a fight with Maynard vs Diaz or Danzig would be great!!
9/13/08 1:15:20PM
No offense, but I think Clementi will sub him. Unless Gray works on his sub defense, he will definitely get caught.
9/14/08 6:52:35PM

Posted by haggiswashere

no worries buddy. i wish sometimes they fought more but i think its for there health

But they let Jason MacDonald fight 2 cards in a row, and i've seen it before.
9/14/08 11:26:58PM
i was surprised at gray's domination of edgar
alot of people said it was the size difference, but edgar dominated franca who is a big stocky lw
imo the kid's got serious skill and his next fight will cement that with a dominant victory
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