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POLL: Was Gray Maynard Out?
Yes (No Contest) 71% (95)
No (Gray Won by Tapout) 29% (38)
7/1/07 4:36:55PM
emerson tapped, therefore it should be Gray by tapout, they tried to screw him over. Come on.....
7/1/07 4:52:23PM
I don't think any of you are looking at this objectively at all. I think most people here are taking into account that before this happened gray essentially had the fight won, or possibly you credit him with the win because people think that tapping is somehow dishonorable and thus should take precedence over KOs. HippySmacker is the only person who defended gray from a _logical_ standpoint as opposed to just saying "tapping = losing" the unfortunate part about that argument is that "unconscious = losing" also, and there is absolutely nothing in the rules that says tapping takes precedence over KOs, you guys need to throw your own personal biases away and argue it from a neutral standpoint looking at nothing but the facts. Both fighters were unable to continue the fight.
7/2/07 5:23:56PM

Posted by BeaturAss

Chronology matters

Where? and if there is the same statement it still need to be repeated for people to understand... Just like your grandpa, your uncle and your dad did...

Basically what I'm getting at is that although emerson tapped, technically he didn't tap until after Gray was knocked out. As the UFC rules dictate, a fight is considered over when one of the fighters is knocked out, regardless of the reason and regardless of what the referee originally calls. There's nothing I have ever read that states a tap out overules a knock and thus maynards knock out can't be overuled due to emerson's tap. Now I'm of the mind that both were unable to continue so the ensuing no contest was legitimate, however if I had to pick a winner, chronology would take precedence, and thuse I would raise Emerson's hand.
7/2/07 5:51:10PM
yup I agree with nubby 100% neither fighter could continue, a no contest is the most fair, but if someone HAD to be declared a winner, the fact that gray was out before emerson tapped should be the deciding factor.
7/2/07 6:31:55PM
It was clear he was knocked out cold, and the ref didn't even really look at him because he thought the slam was worse...

7/2/07 7:25:55PM
you could definately see he was out on that replay when he fell back over when he tried to get up

i dont get why he slammed him the way he did, i understand he wanted to slam him hard but why rammed his own head into the mat i dont get
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