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8/20/08 10:50:02PM
It appears that Gray Maynard will be making his return at UFC 90 after his victory over Frankie Edgar to take on Rich Clementi whos coming off of a 6 fight win streak with wins over Kyle Gibbons, Anthony Johnson, Antoine Skinner, Melvin Guillard, Sam Stout, and Terry Etim
8/20/08 10:57:06PM
Clementi will probably submit him.
8/20/08 11:01:29PM
i say Gray by total domination
8/20/08 11:08:11PM
I'd put money down on Gray...Rich is great on the ground, but I think Gray can overwhelm him just like he did Edgar.
8/20/08 11:15:00PM
I'll be taking Gray on this one, dont think Clementi can sub him off his back, and Gray can choose where/when the fight goes.
8/20/08 11:27:52PM
I like this matchup. I think it is one of those fights where the fighter who wins this, cements himself as a contender, and is not to far off from a #1 contender match. I like Clementi in this fight. Seems like he is stepping up his game fight after fight, just like Florian.
8/20/08 11:33:32PM
8/21/08 12:18:26AM
I'm glad Joe Silva's matchmaking has finally reached a pretty solid level. These fall cards are looking solid as hell. Can't wait for the next 3 events its gonna be some good fights!
8/21/08 12:45:07AM
great fight, i have no clue, who would win, i might have to go with clementi he is on fire
8/21/08 1:22:09AM
Great Fight(It better be MAIN CARD !!!!!)

Extremely hard to choice a winner, so I'm doing on who I like better, 'cause I'm a big fan of both, but I have to say Rich Clementi, and it'll probably go the distance.
8/21/08 2:08:42AM
Man...I'm split on this. I'll go with my cut and choose Clementi even though my head says Maynard. I say winner gets Rob Emmerson next.
8/21/08 6:42:39AM
I can't wait for this fight. I have to go with Maynard but I back that up with no reason other that I love watching him fight. Hard to pick this one.

Clementi=Good, Maynard=Good

Clementi Vs Maynard=MORE THAN GOOD
8/21/08 6:43:27AM
great fight. rich has been around the block and seen everything, and grey is a beast. this will be another tough one to predict. i'm hoping rich wins but i don't know if i can bet against maynard.
8/21/08 7:31:28AM
Maynard is just ridiculous. Gray via TKO Round 2.
8/21/08 9:19:39AM
Excellent matchup. So hard to call. If it goes to a dec, its definitely Maynard. But Rich could sub him off his back. Gonna go Clementi R1 sub right now... might change.
8/21/08 1:34:22PM
I hope Clementi beats Maynard. I'm still upset about Maynards 3 round LnP on Edgar in his last fight. Go Clementi, but that being said I think Maynard should win this fight.
8/21/08 7:11:24PM
I think this is a great match up.

we all saw gray lose to nate diaz by submission so i think this will be a great test to see if gray has uped his sub defense... should be a high paced great fight

P.S. extreme couture fighters have been on a pretty good win streak


10/1/08 1:54:58AM
Rear naked choke for Clementi 2nd round.
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