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8/18/09 12:09:01AM
Just thought I'd post on here that I have a grappling tournament coming up in PA. Its the biggest event I know of as far as grappling in the state so I want to do well.
I'll be in the 1-3 year division though and I have 1 year 2 months experience. I'll post any updates and maybe put a video up after its over if I dont do to terrible.
8/18/09 12:19:50AM
Good luck!
8/18/09 8:22:02AM
Is it the Kumite in Pittsburgh? What weight you going at?
8/18/09 3:27:14PM
Yea, its the Kumite. Are you going?
145- 160lb division

I will prob only be around 155 though. I was thinking of cutting down to 145 but I there will prob be way less people in that division
8/24/09 12:08:57AM
Good luck man.
8/24/09 3:08:16PM
Didnt do to well. Lost my first fight by decision in my division. There were only four people in it so I qualified for third but the other guy who lost left. So I got 3rd place with a 0-1 record

The only good thing about that was I qualified for Absolute dvision. I beat the first guy who only weighed 10 more lbs than me by decision, then lost to a guy 30 lbs more by triangle.

That fight sucked. I took him down twice and never got a chance to pass his guard cause he held a guillotine the whole 4 minutes. Even for the little time he was in my guard he was going for a guillotine. Eventually, I finally got his on arm off my neck and when i postured up, I was trying to pass way to quick and sloppy and got stuck in a triangle.

Not a good tournament for me but still enjoyed it.
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