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10/15/08 8:56:30PM
Grappling wizard Robert Drysdale makes his MMA debut this Friday October 17th for the TUFF-N-UFF promotion against 18 year old Josh Musick, who carries a 5-0 amateur record according to

10/15/08 9:45:56PM
Great news. Should be fantastic in the fight game imo. Really excited about this guy and I hope for big things.
10/15/08 9:50:58PM
i am really interested to see how he and Marcelo Garcia develop in MMA. Jacare seems to be the one leading the herd and i can't wait to see him fight again. hopefully Drysdale doesn't get KOed in his debut like Jacare and Marcelo did.
10/15/08 9:56:46PM
good to see he is starting slow, has a bright future in the sport if he keeps his head in the game.
10/15/08 11:18:58PM
can you imagine being 18 years old and having to fight robert drysdale?

christ. im glad i didn't have to go through that at 18.
10/20/08 1:14:33AM
The 2005 BJJ world champion and 2007 ADCC champion Robert Drysdale made his first MMA fight last Friday, and showed why he's considered one of the best ground fighters of the world. Facing John Musick, who was undefeated in his eight amateur MMA fights, the black belt didn't take so long to take the fight to his favorite place and finish it.

"I catch his arm with two minutes of fight. He hit me a jab, but with no damage, and then I punched him back and took him to the ground," said Drysdale, who showed a great arsenal of submission attempts.

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