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7/19/10 7:26:25PM
Where is a good place to buy grappling mats? Not too bothered about being able to do throws. Picked up a pack of 4 ( just over 1square metre ) for £15 from JJB. Would prefer better quality. Appreciate that you only get what you pay for.
7/19/10 7:36:35PM
Zebra Mats

They've got pretty much everything you could imagine, but it doesn't come cheap. The other thing which I've kept my eye on is used wrestling mats on craigslist. Haven't had much luck in finding anything quality yet, but if you look long enough you probably could.
7/19/10 8:22:27PM
definitely check out that link for zebra mats. that's what we use at our gym and i gotta say that they are of the best quality Ive seen so far.
7/19/10 9:07:53PM
Moving to training forum.
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