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4/17/09 3:02:23PM
This fight is tough to pick for me... Grant has looked good in his fights so far, and has shown some solid groundgame...but Chonan is tough to finish, and is a big step up in experience and skill...I don't know if TJ is ready for that jump yet.

But then again Chonan hasn't looked great in the UFC, and isn't really that much of a "threat" to fighters...he is just tough and keeps going, and gives fighters a hard time..I am thinking either way, this fight will go the distance.

I have Grant as of today...but really think I might change it to Chonan based on experience and bieng used to fighting on big his toughness.
4/17/09 3:27:58PM
I have Chonnan UD but I've really been thinking hard about changing it really because in the one interview I saw on Chonnan looked to relax and really didn't seem hungry so I could really easily see TJ taking him down and just beating the hell out of him. Even though that's probably how Chonann always acts.

So IDK, I'll probably just stick with Chonnan though.
4/17/09 3:30:19PM
Chonan's awesome.
4/17/09 3:49:08PM
im picking chonan because I've seen him fight before and hes fought in the UFC before.

But I wont be suprised if grant wins.

Either way it will probably be a decision win for the winner
4/17/09 4:26:05PM
i have grant by upset but ryo can easily win this as well
tommorrow who knows i might pick ryo
4/17/09 5:03:36PM
I;ve got Grant...even put him in my parlay...hopefully he comes through
4/17/09 7:03:31PM
I think Chonan is the safe pick here, but Grant definately has the potential to upset. Hard to tell because he hasn't faced any top competition yet. I'm taking Chonan by ud.
4/17/09 7:17:28PM
Ryo Chonan wins this for sure!
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