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7/5/07 6:11:13PM
Grant Hill leaveing Orlando Magic to go to the Phoenix Suns. He gets just under $4M for two years to chase title with Suns. Do you think it was good for grant hill to go to the suns and the Orlando Magic to get free agent Rashard Lewis.

7/5/07 6:21:37PM
dude this is an MMA forum, not NBA.
although i think hill should retire cuz of his injuries, i still think you might want to make 1 thread for NBA and not 10 every day
7/5/07 7:38:22PM

dude this is an MMA forum, not NBA.

hey guy this is why its the off topic forum come on now.Grant Hill i hope he can make a come back.
7/6/07 12:54:53AM
grant hil is the man
7/6/07 7:36:50AM
Can you imagine how good he might have been if it hadnt been for all those ankle issues?
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