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1/8/14 7:03:28PM
It's been just under six months since Grant pulled out of his title fight against Benson Henderson and the former top contender is still not cleared to resume training.

1/8/14 7:58:13PM
Damn this is a shame, he had some great momentum going. Wouldn't be surprised if he has to fight 2 or 3 times for a title shot when he eventually returns now.
1/8/14 8:05:54PM
Probably just once or twice I think, the UFC has been pretty good about bringing guys back to the right placement in the division. So long as not a lot of other LWs go on a tear.
1/8/14 8:49:41PM
Holy fuck he must have got rocked
1/8/14 9:56:54PM
This sucks man!! Grant vs Pettis would be a great fight or at least I thought so before it looked like Grant had some form of brain damage
1/8/14 10:35:03PM
He's been out too long

I need another Canadian to grab some gold. Grant and Davis are our best chance right now.