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2/10/07 6:55:03PM
..gracie caught pat mil. in the choke . can he submit frank or does he take a beating. i havnt seen frank fight in a while but he used to be incredably fast with his strikes and that would be a problem for gracie. i believe frank will win this even though its hard to cheer for a guy like him.
2/10/07 6:59:51PM
ya he can, but i don't see it happening, frank will most likely dominate renzo
2/10/07 10:33:21PM
I hope not, I put money on Frank!
2/11/07 12:25:01AM
not unless frank throws knees to theback of the head

that idiot.
2/11/07 12:41:48AM
What a twat, he just cost me 12 dollars and 66 cents.

2/11/07 1:18:53AM
No, but he can get kneed in the back of the dome.
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