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5/5/08 4:31:05PM
After months of speculation, World victory Road has announced that Roger Gracie will face Yuki Kondo at Sengoku 2 on May 18. The catch weight fight will be the penultimate fight of the card.

5/5/08 5:52:54PM

That should be interesting,though Roger should be able to pull this out fairly well.
5/5/08 6:05:31PM
Kondo is a good guy to tell us how good Roger is at mma right now. I expect Roger to do quite well.
5/5/08 8:31:52PM
I am a huge Roger Gracie fan. he is one of my JJ idols and i hope his success at MMA will continue. his submission skills are unparalleled in MMA imho and he has the potential to really be a force at either HW or LHW. i hope he is able to pull of the victory so the much deserved hyp can build around him. when he gets developed, he would be perfect for the UFC HW division.

WAR Roger Gracie Gomes!!!!
5/5/08 11:22:31PM
looking forward to Roger in action!
5/5/08 11:37:30PM
Wow, they arent cutting him any slack are they? Yuki can definately fight. He doesnt have the best record but he is well rounded and dangerous.
5/6/08 12:28:34AM
Cant wait! Love to see me some Gracie jits
5/6/08 2:13:51AM
Roger Gracie could be the next big thing just wish his heart was more in to MMA.
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