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10/17/08 6:41:19PM
does anyone know how many schools teach under the gracie name??
10/17/08 6:43:26PM
10/17/08 7:12:51PM
no way......theres gotta be more....i mean any schools or gyms with the gracie name
so even gracie:berra ...there are three within an hour of me.....i think that number is wayyyy off...
10/17/08 8:46:31PM
i was told there are more gracie gyms than there are Wal marts. but i think it was a joke
10/17/08 10:02:06PM
to many, there are schools that dont have a gracie in it and its a gracie school,if someone says they are from a gracie school it dont mean much to me anymore
10/17/08 11:41:07PM
According to the official site, there are only 11 certified Gracie schools in the US. I'm not sure what they classify as "certified" but they are certainly all over the place.

A google map search for Gracie jiu jitsu gives 11,991 hits
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