i need any Gracie family footage/ pics

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10/10/08 2:29:33PM
if anyone has a rare footage of gracie's fighting (early stuff etc) good pictures, or anything else i can put into a documentry, that would be greatly appreciated.......(and prop'd )
10/10/08 2:33:27PM
If you'd want an old Beach Fight with Rickson then here you go

10/10/08 2:46:31PM
maybe you can use some of the footage of this (you'll need to have a program to download youtube videos, pretty easy to get)


Rickson workout


some good footage


Also Rickson has a documentary called CHOKE

LINK-part 1

It is broken down to ten parts, all others are in the related section
10/10/08 5:09:31PM
I was going to suggest CHOKE, but Juanez beat me to it.

There is also footage of Royce's loss to Ismail floating on Youtube, but I think it is poor quality.

There was an A&E special that had Gracies on it too. I don't have a link, but this is the one with Ed ONeil (Al Bundy) featured in it.
10/10/08 5:45:25PM
The best starting points are the two Gracies in Action videos and Choke. I'm assuming you've already looked at these--if you haven't that's where you should go.

Here is a Rickson-Royler BJJ demo at a Pride event:


Rickson's best MMA win (Funaki):


More accurate clip of Kimura-Helio:


Carlson Gracie vs. Waldemar Santana:


There's a ton out there...just pick some of the names you know and search.
10/11/08 10:25:10AM
just found this, definitely worth looking at

Helio Gracie interview with subtitles

part 1

part 2

part 3
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