I had Goosebumps While Watching Crocop Fight!

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2/4/07 1:20:47PM
Never in the 7 years that I have been watching mixed martial arts have I ever been so nervous before a fight. I'm the type of person that simply sits back and watches not even yelling telling the fighters what to do but just pretty calm and collective. That was until tonight. As Mirko made his entrance to the octagon towards Prides theme music I was starstruck , expecting the classic "Duran Duran", Crocops usual entrance theme. And I constantly kept contrasting Crocops Pride intros to the likes of Bruce Buffer and it just seemed so wierd to me, almost like he didn't belong in the very americanized crowd who boo at the sight of clinch work.

Did anyone else have similar feelings toward Mirkos debut.
2/4/07 1:35:23PM
I was expecting him to win, but it was great watching him just pick him apart.
2/4/07 2:58:25PM
I too had goosebumps and got chills down my spine when he entered to the Pride theme.

Great to see how much the audience appreciated Mirko and what he does and he truly looked great.
I've never seen anyone looked as scared as Eddie Sanchez did during that fight. He was a ******* nerve-wreck. But who's to blame him
2/4/07 3:36:38PM
a head kick would've been nice though.
2/4/07 4:50:39PM
There was a head kick that landed quite soundly on Sanchez' noggin.
2/4/07 7:45:54PM
the anticipation to that head kick was so amazing. anytime he would move his damn leg, the hairs on the back of my neck would go "woOOoOooo"... even though it was such a mismatch, it was really damn exciting.
2/4/07 7:55:37PM
I have never been so excited myself over a fight. I almost got goosebumps
when he came in with the Pride theme music. (though, mixed feelings about that)
Was an awesome experience...
2/4/07 7:59:29PM
That was quite a sight. Sanchez worked himself up really badly during that fight. I'm not even convinced it was the strikes that dropped him when he wobbled and fell over. I'm half convinced he blacked out from the nerves.
2/4/07 8:24:00PM
yeah, i was anticipating wild boys
2/4/07 11:19:46PM
I don't know about goose bumps, but it was nice finally seeing Cro Cop make his way to the cage. Let's give some props to Eddie, for taking the fight and for taking some hard shots.
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