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8/7/12 7:43:17PM
is it just me.... or does anyone else think that today's Google theme looks like a black dude running on watermelon?

8/7/12 7:59:18PM
Can you post a pic? In my google it's just a white dude with a basketball.
I searched racist google theme and this was one of the pics (it's not racist but its cool - is it a babird, or a birdoon?)
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8/7/12 8:04:48PM
Kind of does. Hmmm.
8/7/12 8:45:22PM
notice right before the little kid says "that's racist," he's glancing over at the fat white girl in your AV
8/7/12 8:49:32PM
lmfao, stealing this observation and passing it off as my own. I think the spots are probably meant to be sweat or something, but that's hilarious, it really does look like watermelon seeds.
8/7/12 11:15:52PM
It certainly does.....I'm surprised Spike Lee didn't raise a fit and threaten to kill the people at Google.