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7/14/11 5:59:49PM
I figured I would try it out and if anyone can topple the Facebook giant it would be Google.
7/14/11 7:03:42PM
I have it ......I hate Facebook
7/14/11 8:55:23PM
I have it. Not overly impressed so far.
7/15/11 11:53:50AM
Yeah I got it and I expected stuff to just leap off the page...I mean its good to hide stuff from certain people in your friends but I think facebook is so far advanced but I would liek to see facebook make strides in teh same areas...liek being able to post stuff where only a certain person wont see..

liek when im at work..cause my boss is of course on friends list...I really only like facebook for the UFC prelims other than was cool to read funny posts about the casey anthony trial on bumbling boob baez...had me roflmao...other than that i hate pple who are on facebook and post every day like ten things...get a life...
7/17/11 11:35:27PM
I've stayed away because of the article that said it is over 70% males using Google + and over 50% females using Facebook.
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