Well....it was too good not to try

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8/6/12 9:41:44PM
i just bet the house on Melvin. With those odds, it was too good not to try. I recently just started to get in depth with picks and wagers, I know Cerrone is a better fighter and the huge fav, but Melvin has the ability to finish anyone with one punch, if he can land........You guys probably think I am nuts, but I got Melvin by ko in the first.
8/6/12 9:55:28PM
8/6/12 10:09:16PM
What odds did you get?

And did you bet real $$$ lol?
8/6/12 10:22:19PM
is he that much of an underdog? i think its gonna be a pretty competitive fight. i'll still take cerrone though. im to much of a pussy to bet real $
8/6/12 10:33:03PM
Oh no no no no, like tcunningham said, I am to much of a p@#%# to bet real money, just bet all my fantasy bucks on him, he is coming in at +380, I understand Cerrone is the fav, just didn't think Melvin would be considered that much of an underdog. With those odds, that one caught my eye, I may be wrong, but it really was too good not to try.
8/6/12 10:48:07PM
That's too risky for me, especially since this next event is the start of a new season.

But, what do I know, I've always sucked at the wagers.
8/7/12 6:00:54AM
There is absolutely no way Melvin beats Cerrone.

Donald is to seasoned of a striker and his ground game is a million steps ahead of Melvin's, putting that aside I'll never risk $ on Guillard he is to inconsistent especially when he is facing a talented fighter with submissions.
8/7/12 11:27:55AM
funnily enough cerrone only has one tko win in his entire pro career, but still see him controlling it on the feet and if it goes to the ground then guillard is in trouble.

dunno about betting on guillard...
8/7/12 3:08:04PM
Sure he's got a chance...he's got that one-punch KO power and Cowboy typically starts slow (although he's getting better at that).

I doubt you're the only one putting decent money on a +380 Guillard.
8/7/12 5:23:44PM
Cerrone never been tko'd
8/7/12 5:37:37PM
I'm very confident in Cerrone tbh. I'd wish you luck but it would ruin my parlay
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