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10/31/09 4:26:56PM
Undefeated UFC light heavyweight Ryan Bader (10-0 MMA, 3-0 UFC) continues to improve with each performance in the octagon, and his UFC 104 win over Eric Schafer (11-4-2 MMA, 3-3 UFC) was no exception.

But while "The Ultimate Fighter 8" winner's wrestling prowess and physical tools are an obvious asset, Bader recently told Radio ( his mind may finally be catching up with his body.

"I felt this time I got in there, and I was relaxed," Bader said. "I think it's a good sign if I continue to do that in my next fight. I think this fight allowed me to turn a corner in my career."

If Bader was feeling nervous before his previous wins over Carmelo Marrero or Vinny Magalhaes, it hardly showed. But the Arizona Combat Sports product said there was a definite difference in his mental state during his most recent contest.

10/31/09 6:26:06PM
I was thinking the opposite. Everytime he went in for the kill he gassed himself. Schafer was much calmer. I like Bader but I wasnt so impressed with that fight.
10/31/09 9:01:59PM
This kid continues to evolve as an MMA fighter and learnes with everyfight! Schaffer is a very game opponent and Bader dominated him for most of the fight. He is still very green and will lose, but that will also be a learning experience. I am invisioning a Bader vs Hamill in the near future. That would be a barnburner!!!!
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