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7/29/08 10:40:09PM
Hey everyone, I have followed mma closely for awhile now, and i have decided to start to train for some local fights. I think i want to start with a strength and conditioning routine before i join a gym or anything. I am 18 and a decent athlete, (2 year football starter, and one year basketball starter on varsity in high school) but im not in the greatest shape right now, and i really dont have any fighting background other than just messing around. I guess my question is, do any of you have any good training routines to get me started with getting in fighting shape?
7/30/08 12:15:57AM
There is ALOT of other threads on stuff like this. Look around because you will find great stuff in them also..

But for a start would be to remove all the garbage (junk food,soda,etc) from your house or atleast most of it. Start eating clean and healthy, and start running as soon as you can. If you wana go into the gym and have some strength in you, for the start, lots of pullups,squats,dips, etc. Do alot of calistenics. That should get you in shape pretty fast before you join the gym.
7/30/08 2:27:14PM
start running an doing basics like sit ups and push ups...cardio is KEY in training....learn to breathe properly too...its hard to learn anything new if you are winded so stop reading this an start running lol
8/2/08 3:56:36PM
Actually I wouldn't put alot of emphasis on being in your maximum shape right now. If you want to really do this...nothing replaces good instruction. Learn the techniques. I submit guys in the gym all the time who are stronger and in better shape than me. Find a good school (there are threads with good advice), leave your ego at the door and start getting good instruction.

I'm definitely not downplaying strength and conditioning. Its certainly important in MMA . BUT what difference does being in good shape make if you don't know how to fight ???
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