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12/24/07 11:47:22PM
for wreslting, boxing, mma, etc.
i wil be doig this in season
compound lifts like bench, squat, deadlift, arnold press, shoulder press,
isolaation lifts like lateral raises( i have weak shoulders), calf raises, skull crushers and bicep curls?
12/24/07 11:59:06PM
I just asked pretty much the same thing, see
"Fitness centre training"

or somthing like that.
12/25/07 12:23:49AM
thanks. the reason im asking is because my wreslting coach makes us do this workout.
2 sets iof each lift 2x a week, but he doesnt tell us how many reps to do of each lift. if any1 could help i would appreciate it. he got it off a website lol. hes a great coah but shitty weight lifting coach.
Arnold press
lateral raise
skullcrusher/french press
calf raises
barbel rows
bicep curls

12/25/07 2:31:26AM
i didnt lift when i was wreslting, all i did was wreslte, i would get to heavy and i didnt have time. i wresled 5+ hours a day when i did it