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1/11/08 12:41:57AM
Ok so since I wrote a big long post earlier today then didn't work because my internet had a hicup I decided to let my frustration subside before re doing it...and here it is!

So we all know who Remy Bonjasky is, correct? Well he's a two time K-1 tournament champ with noteable wins over Badr, Leko, HMC, Ignashov, Hoost, McDonald, Sefo, Manhoef, and Musashi. He's been T/KO'd 3 times in 76 fights(compare to a legend in JLB who's been T/KO'd 9 of 89), he has great defense, kicks, and knee strikes but his boxing has always been sub par. He's a bit on and arm puncher, he doesn't step in and deliver with a ton of force. Now what I was imagining was how good would this guy be if he upped his boxing skills into the good not even into the great but very good boxing skills. His poor punching power showed this year against Aerts when he simply dropped his hands and smiled while taking shots. The reason for my wondering stems from the fact that this is a fixable problem, it really is, it's not like certain guys having poor chins, or there to small, or unmotivated at times, this is a problem thats very fixable. I believe that it's almost impossible to beat Schilt with sub par boxing, he's so big it's hard to get a knee or a kick up on him, and he can take alot of leg punishment, so I really hope he decideds to work his boxing more. I'm not sure he will since all of his training is using his boxing to set up his kicks and knee's but still if he had power in his hands, wow, just wow. Anyways let me know what you guys think. Somebody has to take Schilt out!
1/11/08 12:56:57AM
He's intense but who knows how his ground game would be against a good wrestler.
1/11/08 1:39:33AM

Posted by kevietre

He's intense but who knows how his ground game would be against a good wrestler.

Yeah, just talking in kickboxing lol.
1/11/08 6:11:00AM
I think Remy's problem is like Buakaw's, everything else in his arsenal, particularly his kicks, are so amazing that he has negelcted his hands a bit. Buakaw is working on it and looks a better boxer every time we see him, but even he proved his hands wernt the best in K-1 when he made his fight with Masato last year look like a boxing match. Remy has improved too, but he still can't box with the likes of JLB, thankfully his other weapons make up for it. It helps that he (usually) has great cardio, so he can stay on the move and keep out of the way of counter strikes as he works his kicks. Unfortunately I think some people are little disappointed in Remy right now, his performance in the 07 WGP wasn't exactly inspiring!
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