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4/2/08 10:15:43AM
I hear a lot of people recommending Muay Thai training to propsective MMA fans but my own (midwestern U.S.) experience is that there are not a lot of quality places to train. How many instructors are there with training in Thailand or fighters with more than a dozen or so MT rules fights in the gyms you know of?

My personal experience at the MT places I trained at was that there were not enough sanctioned events to build a career as a strictly MT fighter and so most of the guys who wanted to get fights (for experience or for $$) were forced to fight K-1 rules, "long pants" rules or western boxing matches to supplement their MT fight schedule. The couple of guys that were very good/serious had traveled overseas to train (Thailand and Europe) and were considering moving if they continued to fight. Maybe it's different on the West Coast; I'm pretty sure it's better in Europe.

Although I think MT is a great style itself and a very applicable one to MMA, I'm a bit worried that by suggesting it to Americans I'm suggesting that they have 3 fights in 4 years and take instruction from a guy who has 8 fights experience with none of them in Thailand while sparring with 4-5 regular students who may weight 30% more or less than him.
4/2/08 2:10:35PM
4 that I know of.

Vegas: Master Toddy
Wai Kru
Master Chai in LA.
4/2/08 3:11:09PM
Wai Kru is near Boston and also Team Sityodtong with Mark Dellagrotte also near Boston
4/3/08 7:53:29PM
those are too far from me.. haha
but i've always wondered the same thing.. i mean.. how many times ahve you trained with or talked to someone who says that they are a muay thai guy? everyone i've ever trained with is not nearly enough violent haha..
honestly the only reason i want to train muay thai.. is not for the techiniques but for the ferociousness of the striking.. and mainly for the training.. i mean.. damn. it compared to clearing rooms in combat. violence of action will sometimes set your oposition off guard and allow you to kill them.. i want the same thing with my striking.. haha
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