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7/2/07 2:31:18PM
You guys know of any good DVD's to prepare me to begin MMA training? Want to go in BJJ and I know I'm going to have to get in better shape. been going to the gym 4 days a week but getting burnt out after 3 years of it. Any suggestions on a good cardio/strength training vids that are MMA based? thanks.
7/2/07 3:05:18PM
do you have any of ross enamaits books?
7/3/07 7:59:06PM
I've seen many instructional videos and I would strongly recommend checking out MMA instructionals from Bas Rutten such as the Big DVD's of Combat.
7/4/07 10:48:36PM
check out they put together really good instructional videos. they have videos from chute boxe(mma), duke roufus(muay thai), karo parisyan(judo) and tonnnns more.

if you want to checkout what some of their videos are like before buying them, they have sample lessons at All-in-all, if I were to buy a series of videos, it would definitely be from them.
7/5/07 10:39:26AM
Great info. Thanks guys. i know Bas Rutten has that mma system deal you can get on DVD I hear its pretty good. Thanks for the input!
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