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1/17/08 10:35:21PM
I thought this was a great perspective of the life of a MMA fighter with some great laughs too. Just click on part 1, the other parts will start automatically.


After you watch this, and understand what a fighter goes through to get paid $300, you will understand why sites like this have no fighterbashing rules. These guys demand our respect, especially if they have reached the top tiers.
1/18/08 9:59:27AM
very cool find...and it does go to show what the guys who take it seriously go through for for an incredibly small amount of money.
1/18/08 10:12:48AM
very good little short doucmentry.
Man that guy is really dedicated for only making 300 for a fight.'
I thought the best part was how the guy who hosted it didnt know much about the sport but he learned so much. This is like UFC all access minus the money.

Oh yeah i found Matt Ruskin's MMA record.
1/20/08 1:19:54PM
i can understand why someone would want to do what he is doing for the love of fighting but when i hear him talk about "making it" he sounds almost deluded. i guess he just didnt look that great to me in the small bit i saw of him fighting and training. he seemed like a genuinely nice guy and obv. very dedicated so i hope my assesment is wrong but he is off to a rough start being 0-2 in his first two pro fights.
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