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6/6/10 7:10:21PM
Well when i started my weight loss goal i weighed 255LBS. I am 6 Feet tall and all my weight is in my love handles and mid-section. Now i weigh 233 LBS but still feel fat cause of the mid section and love handles. I know once i get to the weight i want to compete at ill trim the fat away into muscle. the problem i am having is i am getting so many people saying to me different weights, ranging from 185-225. how does one go about finding a good weight? need some advice.

Learning To Fight
6/6/10 7:21:38PM
It depends on you. What weight do you have the most energy at, what weight do you have the most power? you then have to find the balance. I would work on just getting to a really low body fat percentage, and then talk with your trainers (if you have them) and figure out which one is best for you.
6/6/10 8:06:38PM
I am roughly 6 inches taller than you and weigh 247 right now. I am slender, though. Peak physical shape for me is right around 215-17 though I've cut to less than this. However, height doesn't tell the whole story. You have to look at your center of mass. My legs are built like a brick shithouse. My arms, not so much. I work out regularly and would have to spend probably about a year to build some sizable arms. I'm just not built that way. It's like Kimbo, he could spend the rest of his life working on his legs and they would never look like mine because he doesn't have the bone structure.

Like Caesarrrr said it really depends on where you feel you have the most energy. I like to do things in five pound increments after reaching my ideal weight. From there I gauge how much energy I have and whether or not I feel like I can perform athletically at that weight. Everyone is different. There is no "optimal" weight for a group of people. Find where you feel comfortable and work on toning. The fat will eventually trim away and turn into muscle if you work hard enough at it.
6/6/10 8:51:57PM
guess that makes sense. think ill see once i get down to 215. thanks for the advice so far.

Learning To Fight
6/6/10 9:19:25PM
I would counsel you to first differentiate between whether the more important goal is fighting or losing weight.

If it's fighting and you're already training then you need to just step in and fight whenever your coach says you're ready. Regardless of the weight and as long as you trust your coach.

If it's losing weight then you need to get to a weight that you feel most comfortable at before you take a fight.

Honestly I know that may seem like a strange answer but I promise you that first of all if you intend to take this far your amateur record won't mean too much in the grand scheme of things and second of all you may get into a fight and realize you don't like it. It's a long, long, journey and it's best to pace yourself. Set short goals to satisfy your ego and make sure you're on the right track, but maintain long distance goals in order to keep the hunger once you've achieved some smaller goals.

Remember that being an amateur is a time to learn- not necessarily a time to stack up an undefeated record. Granted winning should always be the goal but if you ask for too much too early you may set yourself up for failure.

And as always go with the advice given to you by your coaches loooonnnnng before going with the advice given to you by people over the internet. They have a hell of a lot more info about you than we do.
6/7/10 8:41:39PM
talked to my friend who is training me, and my GF who is my nutritionist, and they both think that 200-210 is where i need to be. so time to see what it feels like when i get there, so the journey begins.

" The only thing worth fighting for is that which is worth the pain."
-My dad

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