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2/24/08 10:14:03PM
Hey everyone. I finally made it over here. Half the material I read on the other forums is quoted from here so I figured I hade to come on by.

I'm the owner of the mma clothing company ToeZup.
We just sponsored Spratt in that controversial fight with Ryan Ford, those were our feet on his legs. Marcus Hicks is also a fighter of ours.

I'm on pretty much every mma and boxing forum there is and I wouldn't miss MMAPlayground for the world. I'll be seeing a lot of you around the boards for a long long time.

Glad to meet everyone.
2/24/08 10:32:30PM
Hows it goin man! Good stuff sponsoring those guys!
Hope you enjoy the site, don't forget to add your picks for the fights before they lock!
Good luck!
2/25/08 8:53:05AM
It's going good bro. My picks are in for the next event thanks.
I will no doubt enjoy this site, it's packed with good stuff. Thanks for the welcome man.
3/10/08 10:15:57AM
welcome to the playground brother
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