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POLL: how many buys will Affliction have?
5-10 thousand 3% (1)
30-50 thousand 29% (9)
60-100 thousand 29% (9)
120-300 thousand 23% (7)
500-800 thouand 3% (1)
1 million 13% (4)
7/12/08 4:31:33AM
i hear a lot about how great Affliction is and how many great figthers they have but aswell you hear that the marketing is all wrong and their isnt enough media involved...but if it was up too you (which it kinda is) would you want Affliction to have more viewers than fight night 14 or any other UFC event?

i would love nothing more than Affliction having 2,000,000 PPV buys and drop dana's and the fertitas jaws...
7/12/08 4:48:25AM
Sure, I want it to do good. Doing well, means more.. Plus what kind've MMA fan wants another org to go out of business, and take away another chance to see MMA?
7/12/08 7:57:54AM
2 million? Not. 50K-100K is a safe prediction, free UFC is gonna be hard to pass up. Also, if there's any boxing on PPV, take out another chunk of buys.
7/12/08 10:28:57AM
I did this poll a while back...and included other PPV's for reference

Link to Thread

If you look at the numbers, you'll see there is no way in hell that they do 2 million buys...they would be fortunate to do 100k.

7/12/08 10:54:47AM
I hope they do good. I will buy it and DVR Fight Night. But I don't think they have advertised it enough to draw any casual fans of mma. I believe they will only draw hardcore fans. I vote for 30-50 trying to be realistic.
7/12/08 4:01:00PM
i know, they will never get 2 mill. but i was sayin i hope they do. i voted for 60-100 when i posted this...
7/12/08 9:02:51PM
120 max, If Trump's team is doing it's job right.
7/12/08 9:07:32PM
120-300 thousand and that includes my money
7/13/08 12:49:26AM
30-50k is the most beleivable
7/13/08 3:39:33AM
30-50 k

Although with Mark Cuban and Trump doing this it could get above 60k
7/13/08 3:27:48PM
I hope they do 1 mill. since they seem to be willing to get the fights and the fighters we want to see. as long as they have cards like this im sure they will pass up ufc eventually
7/13/08 9:41:28PM
I want it to do very well yes..
7/14/08 6:51:55PM
I hope they do ok for the sake of friendly competition. I think they'll get close to a million
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